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SECOND PASSPORTUS Passport information: 1-866-378-1722 My status

The category "Second US Passport" applies to you, if:


  • You travel internationally often and have difficulty acquiring travel visa between your trips, OR
  • You request 2nd passport for safety reason, i.e. to travel between Israel and anti Israel States.


The 2nd passport is valid for up to TWO years.


Travel Visa Pro cannot fulfill processing times if your passport application is suspended by the Passport Agency. Below please find most frequent reasons in which you may not be eligible for a passport or your passport application may be suspended:


  • You owe child support in excess of $2,000.00
  • You are on probation which restricts international travel
  • You have an outstanding criminal warrant against you which prohibits travel outside the U.S.
  • You owe the government a repatriation loan
  • Your check written to the Department of State for a previous passport did not have sufficient funds.
  • Additional documentation may be requested by the Department of State.


This is an exception to the normal processing of the application. It is typically requested to further clarify your identity.


Our processing times are given in BUSINESS days and not (calendar days). It excludes Saturdays, Sundays and Federal holidays!


DISCLAIMER. Please Note Travel Visa Pro is not an official government website nor is affiliated with US DEPT OF STATE or any Embassy. Travel Visa Pro as a visa/courier service in facilitating the visa or pasport application process on your behalf in a professional and expedited manner. Please note that our service fees are in addition to any government fees.


State of Residence:
in just 8 hours - $499
in 2-3 bus. days - $229
in 4-7 bus. days - $129
8-15 bus. days - $79
GATHER Paperwork for Second Passport Application


FOR EMERGENCY PASSPORT SERVICE ONLY: If you do NOT intend to order Emergency service, please SKIP THIS STEP.

  • Before purchasing EMERGENCY passport service, you MUST reserve your same day passport slot. There will be no exceptions. We will debit your credit card $150 NON-REFUNDABLE APPOINTMENT FEE and email you additional SAME-DAY SPECIFIC shipping instructions. If you use your appointment as scheduled, we will credit $150 towards your final payment. Therefore, it is not an additional fee. For more details, please see Terms & Conditions.


Your Current Valid Passport. You need to provide your primary passport. If it expires within a year, you need to renew it before applying for the 2nd passport.


Letter of Explanation (Click HERE to download): You must use this standard explanation letter. If you do not use this explanation form, your application will be placed on hold by US DEPT OF STATE.


TWO Original Signed Letters of Authorization. (Click HERE to download):Please print and complete two copies of this document.


Two (2) Identical, Recent (not older than 3 months) Passport Photographs: To process your application, you are required to provide identical passport-style photographs (2 x 2 inches in size. Government Agencies have very specific regulations regarding the passport photographs. We recommend visiting professional photographer. Please review samples of well composed photos (click here) to avoid passport processing delays. The acceptance of your photo is always at the discretion of the U.S. passport agency.


Two (2) Copies of Evidence of Immediate Travel: Copy of airline/ferry/train ticket/itinerary indicating travel to a foreign country in less than 14 days or a foreign travel visa is required within four weeks. If you do not have one, or are driving to Mexico/Canada, or need passport for any other personal or business matter, you have to proof immediate need for your passport. It can be a letter from employer on its letterhead detailing the need for urgent business trip OR a circular from employer mandating a need for each employee to have a valid US passport (e.g. pilots, flight attendants, etc.) OR hotel reservation in Mexico/ Canada OR any other document detailing the rush need for passport. If you do not have any of the above or have doubts, please fill out this statement.


US Passport Renewal Form (#DS-82): Fax or photocopies are not acceptable.

Complete Online - Form DS-82 (click here) - Department of State website will open in a new window. After completing and printing out the application form in duplicate please print TWO COPIES. PLEASE PRINT OUT AND SUBMIT ONLY ONE-SIDED PAGES OF THE APPLICATION.We will accept only application completed ONLINE (applications not containing the 2D barcode or not accompanied by a duplicate application with the 2D barcode will be placed in suspense). If you wish us to type-up your application, we offer an exclusive concierge service. A $35 convenience fee will be assessed for this service. ORDER YOUR US PASSPORT CONCIERGE SERVICE HERE.


  • Please write a check payable to “U.S. Department of State” for $170. You should write your date of birth on the MEMO line of the check.
  • A $5 convenience fee is assessed on government agency fees when they are paid by Travel Visa Pro check.


RETURN SHIPPING FEES: In order to keep our prices competitive, we ask you to pay for your Passport return shipping from our office to your address. Because we use our FedEx account regularly, we get volume discounts and are willing to share them with you. Please select your preferred return shipping method and add /SHIPPING FEE/ to your payment. /IMPORTANT/: Fees are given per address and includes shipment of up to THREE passports/visas. If you have FOUR passports or more going to the same address, please add $15.00:

- FREE - Include Your Postage
- PICK-UP - I will come to pick-up in Person
- $25+ I want UBER to return to me (only in SF, NY, CHI)
- $20.00 - FedEx Express Saver (3-4 days)
- $25.00 - FedEx Standard Overnight (afternoon delivery)
- $30.00 - FedEx Priority Overnight (morning delivery)
- $75.00 - FedEx First AM Delivery (guaranteed by 8.30AM)
- $49.00 - FedEx SATURDAY Priority
- $39.00 - FedEx (shipping time varies) to AK, HI
- $49.00+ - FedEx INTL. Priority Overnight


TRAVEL VISA PRO FEES: Select the service you want to apply: Emergency, Urgent, Rush or Budget at the top of the page and proceed to online checkout. We accept the following payment types:
  • By Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex).
  • REFERRED METHOD: By Check/Money Order. Make checks payable to "TRAVEL VISA PRO"
  • By PayPal: Send payments to
MAIL your application

For faster service and accurate tracking we recommend using FedEx. Please make sure that the following documents are included:


1. Current US Passport (original)
2. TWO Original Signed Letters of Authorization,
3. Letter of Explanation (original)
4. Two Identical, Recent Passport Photos,
5. Evidence of Immediate Travel,
6. COMPLETED & SIGNED DS-82 (original),
7. Payment for "Travel Visa Pro". Make checks payable to "Travel Visa Pro".
8. Personal Check or Money Order for $170 payable to U.S. Department of State


Please mail all required documents to us. We recommend you to send your paperwork via traceable, overnight FedEx delivery service to avoid loss of your documents. If we receive your documents before 9:30am PST in San Francisco or 8.00am CST in Houston, we will submit your paperwork to Passport Agency same morning. Otherwise, we will submit them the following day.

For EMERGENCY service option: To process your EMERGENCY Passport Service (8 hour processing) , we need to receive your documents in our San Francisco office by no later than 9.30am PST or in our Houston office by no later than 8am CST. If you want to do same-day service in other cities, please call us to discuss your case. We encourage you to use FEDERAL EXPRESS (FedEx) and you should select FIRST AM Overnight service (no signature required).


Our address:

For Emergency, Urgent, Rush, Budget send the documents to:
Travel Visa Pro
2021 Fillmore street,
San Francisco, CA 94115
Local Drop-off/Pick-up: If you live nearby our offices, you are welcome to deliver and pick-up your documents versus mailing them in. We also offer in-city pick up and return of your passport (see more details). For Emergency service, please mail/bring your documents to San Francisco, Houston, and Seattle offices only.



Nigeria Embassy is experiencing delays in visa processing.