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2017 1st Edition – Trump and the New Travel Ban

Trump and the New Travel Ban

Many of you may have heard that on January 27th, 2017, United States President Donald Trump issued an Executive Order temporarily suspending nationals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen from entering the United States. This temporary order is expected to last for at least 90 days if not longer. The Executive Order is still finalized and it is unclear if those who hold green cards or dual passports from one of the above listed nations will also be affected.

At this time, Travel Visa Pro recommends extreme caution for any national or those with ties to X nations until the Executive Order has been clarified. Those seeking or wishing to travel to the United States are strongly encouraged to contact or visit the nearest US Consulate or Embassy to seek clear guidelines.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

China Visas and the Most Common Problems

In the past few months the Chinese Consuls in the USA have tightened their requirements, thus leading to a tremendous amount of rejections, which could in turn delay your trip. We have created a handy check list to ensure your application is not rejected and that we can process your items without any delay.

If you are applying in San Francisco for a Same or Next day request, you must make sure to follow the below listed requirements:

-If your current passport was issued after Jan 1st, 2015, you must provide the original, most recent older passport in addition to the current passport. If you DO NOT have or CANNOT find your most recent, canceled passport, you must complete section 3.7 in great detail of why you cannot find your passport. Any documentation or supporting items that would be most helpful.

The Chinese Consulate also rejects a plethora of applications for picture issues as the photo must be:

-on a white background
-shoulder up
-not cut

Travel Visa Pro can assist with the photo process through our photo link:


Lastly, itineraries are also another issue in which the Consulates are taking an issue. Many itineraries are incomplete and do not have the necessary information. Please make sure it includes:

-names of the applicants
-correct dates of entry and departure

Travel Visa Pro can also assist with itineraries if one is not available.

Russian Visa Fee Changes

The Russian Embassy has introduced new changes for Consular fees for USA and Stateless citizens only. They are as follows:


$123 for 7-8 days + TVP fees

$213 for 3-4 days + TVP fees

$243 for next-day in Houston  + TVP fees


$177 for 7-8 days + TVP fees

$321 for 3-4 days + TVP fees

$351 for next-day in Houston  + TVP fees


$303 for 7-8 days + TVP fees (3years)

$573 for 3-4 days + TVP fees (1year with UFMS invites)

$603 for next-day in Houston  + TVP fees (1year with UFMS invites)

It is important to note, that Travel Visa Pro can arrange vouchers in usually 24hrs or less. We can usually even provide for passport holders of India, China, Iran, Nigeria, and other countries which normally have difficulty getting an invitation or may face delays.

Travel Registration & Second Passports: More Important Than Ever

With the new Executive Orders from President Donald Trump, we advise more than ever to register any international trip with the Department of State prior to your departure. The world is an uncertain place right now and it is best to be abreast of all updates and to know your options. If your trip is registered with the State Department, you will receive updates in case of any internal security issues and your loved ones will also be notified. In addition, in certain times, emergency evacuation may be available. Travel Visa Pro can register your trip for a small fee and ensure that you get the updates you need.

In addition to register your trip with the Dept of State, all US citizens are eligible to apply for a second passport. This passport is of limited validity, but can be extreme useful in case of losing your passport or the need to apply for a plethora of visas at the same time. One passport can be left with an agency or embassy, while you are travelling on business. The same can be said for a back up official ID. It is an extremely useful item to have!

Form Fill In

We have developed a form fill in service, which takes the most pertinent questions from a visa application and simplifies them for your convenience. Many of the visa application forms have an extensive burden period, un-clear questions, and/or a foreign language written. Why waste your own time struggling over an application, when a Travel Visa Pro VIP Team Member can assist? This ensures no errors and 0 liability in missing your business/vacation travel. Please click our link to learn more details: https://www.travelvisapro.com/vip