Attesting Documents for the Saudi Work Visas

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Jan 9 2013

I receive a lot of questions about the pay scale in Saudi and how one can make more money. Saudi Arabia pay scale is based of the job title you have been given.  The dollar amount will remain the same as long as you have that title and it is inherently different then America whereas you will not be afforded the same end of the year raise schedule. The only way to boost your income in Saudi is to have more degrees, which will re-classify your job title. In order for your employer to accept your degrees they have to go through an attestation process from the Saudi Cultural Mission and the Saudi Embassy.


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Another reason to attest your degrees would be if you are applying for an Employment or Residence visa to Saudi Arabia THEN it is absolutely necessary to have some of your documents attested and authenticated by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission and the Saudi Embassy. This is even necessary if you intend to apply for the visa in another country. If you have any US based degrees or work experience, these documents will need to be verified by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission in the US prior to your submission for visa approval. This process is a bit different than regular authentications and needs to be followed in detail in order to have your employment visa approved. The instructions listed in short:

  1. Gather all your degrees, certificates, and recommendation letters. Copies are acceptable.
  2. Order a sealed copy of transcripts from the University you hold the highest degree from and include this with your documents.
  3. Include an authorization letter which has your SS# and permission for your degree to be verified.
  4. Copy of your passport
  5. Copy of the Contract with the host company in Saudi
  6. OR Copy of your Saudi Iqama card or valid visa

Once you have completed the above instructions, you will then need to forward your documents to our Washington, DC office. You can expect the authentication process to take about 5 business days. It is best to contact Justin Hackett in our Washington, DC office at 202 684 7150 or to get more details and pricing regarding this process.