Application Process for Brazil Visa

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Thu Oct 20 2016

If you’re in the United States and applying for a Brazilian visa just know that you can do it yourself through a Brazilian Consulate. Be forewarned though, it’s difficult to find the Brazilian Consulate website.


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Here is how Application Process for Brazil Visa looks

The best thing to do is search for it by name, along with the words, “visa requirements.” That should bring the Brazilian consulate to the top of the list.
There are several Consulates in the United States and where you live will determine which one you communicate with during your Brazilian visa application process. Regardless of the Brazilian Consulate with which you apply, make sure you apply for your Brazilian visa at least one month in advance of your departure date. The final costs of your Brazilian travel visa will vary, depending on the type, duration, and application process you pursue. There are no rush services, and no expedited services for visas.

Application Process Brazil Visa

For Americans seeking a Brazil tourist visa, it’s going to cost $160 for a visa and $180 if you have someone else submit your application, or if you mail it to the office. Costs for the other nine visas can vary pretty widely. Diplomatic or official visas are free, but all others can range from $160 to $310. Remember, these are only the costs from the Brazilian government for a visa, not a visa agency.

Also, you can only pay the Brazilian Consulate with a USPS money order. They won’t accept cash, checks, credit cards, or any other type of money order.

Under ideal circumstances, it should only take between five and seven business days for you to receive your visa, but that is also subject to demand.

You’ll start by filling out your Brazil visa application form online; it’s a bit lengthy, so be prepared. Completing your application doesn’t mean you’ve submitted it. You can’t submit your application electronically. It must be mailed or hand delivered. That means that at the end of the application you’re going to have to print it out. Be sure to include a 2″x2″ passport photo on your application as well.

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