Brazil visa costs and fees

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Tue Feb 27 2018

With a particularly early Carnival celebration in Rio this February, many Americans may be trying to make the trip south for warmer climates. Because tourism has declined in recent years – in no small part due to the cost of a tourist visa to Brazil – there have been some changes to the types and fees for visas to Brazil benefiting US citizens.

Whereas before the Brazilian visa application process might have been a little off-putting to those who have never traveled there, now the country is more accessible than ever to Americans. Just be sure you have all the following documents and are familiar with the information on the application form to ensure a smooth visa process.


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Travel Visa Pro facilitates visas to Brazil

Though the new e-visa may be an easier option for tourist visas to Brazil, Travel Visa Pro remains the best choice for obtaining business, work, or student visas to Brazil quickly. With our offices in Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, New York City, and Miami, local staff can process Brazil visa applications through local consulates and stay in contact with you to ensure they have all the documents and forms needed. In addition, there are pick up and drop off locations run by Travel Visa Pro that offer free shipping for visa and passport applications with a minimum order.

Brazilian visa requirements


All US citizens traveling to Brazil, whether they’re applying for an e-visa or a visa in person, must have the following:

1. Current US Passport: Your passport must valid for at least six months and have two blank pages for visa stamps.
2. Photos: One passport-sized color photograph
3. Itinerary: Incoming and departing flights, reservation confirmations at hotels, local transportation bookings.
4. Brazilian visa application form: these applications can be filled out online, but still must be printed and submitted in person if not using the e-visa website.
5. Medical Certification: In recent months there have been outbreaks of yellow fever in parts of Brazil. Being up to date on inoculations and providing proof of this will save you time at immigration on arrival.
6. Sufficient Funds: Have a copy of your bank account and/or credit card statements.


Processing time for Brazilian visas


After arranging an appointment at the Brazilian consulate in your jurisdiction or sending everything in to Travel Visa Pro, how long will you have to wait? Expedited processing is not available for an additional charge, but consular staff may take any sense of urgency into account when processing your visa. Typically, Brazilian visas can be processed in 5-7 business days, or up to a few weeks during peak season.


Brazil visa costs and fees: recent changes


US citizens are still charged $160 for any visa application processed in person, but as of January 28th, the Brazilian government began offering a new e-visa program for only $40. Credit and debit cards are accepted on the e-visa website, but only USPS money orders can be included with any application submitted at a consulate.


How can I get a visa to Brazil in person?


The Embassy of Brazil in Washington DC, surprisingly, does not have a consular section to process visa applications. For that, you must visit the Brazilian consulate in your area – and sometimes only in your area, as other consulates may deny an out-of-state applicant. The processing time varies according to the office, but it’s recommended travelers apply at least one month in advance. No expedited visa processing service is available, and appointments may be required.

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