Brazilian Visa to Culture

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Nov 21 2016

Culture is often a fluid thing and this is never more evident than when traveling the planet. It is also very evident when visiting one of the most mysterious countries on the planet… Brazil. Brazil is home to some of the most diverse continental dimensions imagined. The people, the geography and the history, though rich, can be as different as night and day depending on where in Brazil you are standing.


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Music is ingrained within Brazilian culture. The samba and bossa nova are Brazil’s musical roots and throughout the world these styles are respected as having been homegrown in this lively country.

Dancers from Brazil show us a melding of martial arts and dance steeped in the history of African slaves who brought their culture to the shores of Brazil during the dark days of the slave trade. Classical music from Brazil has spawned the likes of composers like Heitor Villa-Lobos and Camargo Guarnieri. Composers like Cláudio Santoro even brought a taste of the Second School of Vienna to Brazilian shores.


Religion in Brazil is as much a part of the culture as the food and music are. Candomble and Umbanda are religions from Africa that are still practiced today. Perhaps the most popular religion currently is Catholicism but there also those who practice the religions of the Middle East as well. There are some amazing churches throughout Brazil and most are open to visitors.


The History of Brazil is as diverse as its culture. Anthropologists have discovered the land that is now Brazil has been inhabited for over 8000 years. The first people were nomadic and are believed to have come from parts of Asia. The Portuguese hit the shores of Brazil and dubbed the natives “Indians” but the current population of Brazil doesn’t identify this way anymore.

In the days before other cultures became a part of the landscape that is currently Brazil the people could be divided into agricultural towns and semi-nomadic people. It is believed that being nomadic is what led to the populating of Brazil via Asia. It is possible better hunting brought the Brazilian ancestors to the majestic land that is now the country of Brazil.

Brazil is a country tied together by the bonds of tradition and culture, making this the perfect destination if you want to explore the past through a country’s food, music and tradition. Apply for a Brazilian Visa now.