URGENT ATTENTION: Brazilian Consulate Update

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Oct 31 2012

!!! Technical Difficulties Halt Issuance of Brazil Visas !!! Brazil Consulates have just announced on October 30,2012 that severe technical difficulties are afflicting their consular services worldwide, which will prevent the issuance of visas until further notice. The Consulates in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Boston have posted announcements that they are temporarily suspending the issuance of Brazil visas. We expect that these problems will also halt visa processing at all 10 Brazilian Consulates in the US. At the moment, only Houston consulate has normal operations.


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This change will effect both new and current orders, please expectd delays! Emergency 3-4 and 6-8 service has been suspended until further notice.

Please call Travel Visa Pro before sending your documents at Brazil Visa Emergency Line: 833-887-8472.

Due to the effects of recent storm Sandy, our New York branch will be opened with a skeltal staff to try and work on the most dire situations. Please remember most Consulates and Federal insitutions in NYC remained closed. This includes Nigeria, China, Brazil, Russia, and Paraguay. ALSO, most shipping services, i.e. UPS and Fed Ex are NOT operational in New York right now.

As the restoration of the metro, other agencies, and the city begin, we will provide you with updates.

Travel Visa Pro is committed to alleviating any and all issues regarding your documents. .