Can U.S. Citizens Get Married in Italy?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Thu Sep 2 2021

Romeo and Juliet’s love story has been reenacted over the years and inspires love among the romantics. Would you like to get married in a country that lends excitement and romance to your wedding? Why not do it in Italy? We will cover how U.S. citizens can legally marry in Italy, complete with the requirements for this life-changing experience:

Are You Eligible to Get Married in Italy?

Americans can get married in Italy if they meet the below requirements:

  • You must bear original passports and birth certificates bearing apostilles with Italian translations (members of the U.S. armed forces can use their ID cards which must accompany permission from their commanding officers),
  • You must be aged at least 18 years, and if not, you must have sworn statements from your parents or legal guardians relating to consent,
  • The bride must have dissolved her previous marriage at least 300 days before the wedding date or obtain a waiver from the district attorney’s office.

Couples getting married in Italy can choose between civil and religious wedding ceremonies.

What Are the Requirements to Get Married in Italy?

Good news! You do not need permanent residency to marry in Italy. However, there are three key documents you must provide. The requirements to get married in Italy are:

The Atto Notorio

This document should be obtained in the U.S. no more than three months before your wedding day. In the past, couples opted to obtain it in Italy. However, this has since become a challenge, and you are better off getting it at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your state.

So, what is the Atto Notorio? This document serves as an affidavit that declares your civil status. Some states require that two people be present for the signing, while in others, up to four witnesses may be necessary. To get this document, you and your partner must present your:

Original passport - Can U.S. Citizens Get Married in Italy?

  • Original passport,
  • Original birth certificate,
  • Original divorce or death certificates (for previously married people).

Please note that translations will be necessary for divorce and death certificates. If everything checks out, the authorities will draw up an official document used in Italy to certify the personal details.

The Nulla Osta

The second document is the Nulla Osta which is like the Atto Notorio. However, you will fill this in Italy, declaring your civil status once again. This time, you do it in the presence of an American consular officer. The document states that you are free to marry and are not facing any impediments in this regard. Please check with the consulate on the applicable fees for this. For this document to be valid, you must legalize it at the office of legalization of the Prefettura.

The Declaration of Intent

This last stage can take place on the same day as the wedding. However, if you or your spouse are Italian residents or citizens, you must post a banns at least two weeks before the wedding ceremony.

You are better off obtaining the documents closer to your wedding because they will lose their validity in three months. Factor this in when making your wedding plans.

Translating Your Documents

You cannot use your English documents in Italy. Instead, you must ensure that they follow the requirements below:

  • The original documents must be translated to Italian by a certified translator.
  • The translated documents must be apostilled in the state where they were issued. However, if you are an American by naturalization, you may need to get your birth certificate apostilled at the consulate or embassy of your country of birth. Please check with the authorities on this.
  • The translated certificates must be stamped with a seal at the Italian consulate.

We provide English translation services and can have the documents ready in as few as 6 days. You can also get rush processing which ensures the documents are ready in 3 days.

The Marriage Certificate

Your marriage in Italy will be valid in the U.S., provided it is valid in Italy. The only way to prove this legal marriage is by obtaining your marriage certificate and getting it legalized via an apostille process. You can do this at the office of the Italian Prefettura where you get married. Check with your wedding planner about the nearest location.

Now that you know how to get married in Italy, are you ready to say ‘I do’ in a country that idolizes love? Let’s help you out with that by getting your paperwork in order. Talk to us, and together, let’s make your wedding plans a reality!