Do you need a passport for Aruba?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Oct 24 2018

Have you been planning your dream Caribbean vacation for some time? There are several areas close to the US that are open to Americans visiting: US territories like Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are accessible without a passport. Aruba can be an easy escape for Americans looking for a tropical vacation without the hassle of applying for a visa.

Unlike many other Caribbean island nations and Mexico, Aruba does require US citizens to have a valid passport for entry on closed-loop cruises. This means even if you depart from Florida and return two weeks later, you’ll still need a passport book or card to enter Aruba for a scheduled stopover. Let’s look at some of the ways to legally visit Aruba on holiday.


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Passport Card to Aruba

Passport cards can be used for travel by land and sea only, e.g. driving into Mexico or taking a Caribbean cruise. Like passport books, cards are valid for ten years for adults and five for children; however, the applications costs are significantly less. It’s worth noting US passport cards aren’t accepted for entry at all islands in the Caribbean, but Aruba does allow them.

However, passport cards do not allow entry to countries that require a visa in advance, because a book is needed for the stamp and paperwork. Because of this, some island nations require US citizens to apply in advance for a visa and have at least one blank page in a passport book. US citizens can travel to Aruba without a visa or passport book, but one is recommended for medical or emergency evacuation back to the US by air.

Passport Book to Aruba

Having a passport book at the ready gives you more options when you travel to the Caribbean. Are you sailing your own yacht and want to make several stops in Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, and the Bahamas? Are you concerned about any health problems that have the potential to make you not want to wait for the boat to return?

When this is the case, you might consider applying for a ten-year passport book for your trip to Aruba. This gives travelers the flexibility of arriving by boat or plane.

Let Travel Visa Pro take you to Aruba

Do you know the costs associated with getting a new passport at the last minute, or how long it will take, even if you’re willing to pay extra? Missing information on application forms can mean the difference between enjoying a night in Aruba or staring at the beach from your boat.

It can be overwhelming to prepare for an international adventure, especially if you’re unsure of the documents you’ll need in order to enter a familiar destination like a US territory or a country that requires more than a visa on arrival. Between mapping out your hotels, booking a rental car, and setting aside your budget, there’s plenty more to prepare. This can be even more stressful when your trip is rapidly approaching.

Because no traveler should have to feel weighed down by this experience, Travel Visa Pro has offices across the country that are ready to walk you through all of the necessary paperwork and answer any questions you might have about your upcoming trip to Aruba.

Our travel experts provide clients with everything they need to fill out the appropriate applications and acquire travel documents. We even offer expedited services, so you can have your documents in your hand sooner rather than later. Even if you need a passport for Aruba in as little as eight hours, Travel Visa Pro can make it happen with our emergency service.

Travel Visa Pro knows that even the most experienced international travelers can encounter unexpected situations or merely have a few questions before they begin their trip; this is why we work hard to make things easier for you as you navigate the complexities of international travel. Should you need a visa in your hand when you don’t have a valid passport or any good idea of how to register your trip, come to one of our offices today.

Are you ready to head to Aruba? Let us know if you have any questions!