Do you Need a Passport for Mexico?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Mar 28 2018

No matter what airport you’re originating at, you’ll almost always find a connection flight heading to Mexico. Mexico is a very popular tourist destination, especially for people in the US. Mexico has plenty to offer for all kinds of travelers. It’s a great place for tourism and vacation. It’s also a place that attracts a lot of business travelers. Before you can travel to Mexico, you will need to have a valid passport.


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Why You Will Need a Passport to Travel to Mexico

Even with Mexico’s popularity for travelers in the US, you will still need to have your passport to travel to Mexico. Mexico shares a border with the US but is its own independent country. Your passport will be stamped upon entry to Mexico with your visa. If you are traveling for strictly tourism or even business purposes, this visa is sufficient enough. You will have up to 180 days in the country which is more than enough time to explore it. If you have plans for a longer stay in Mexico, you will have to apply for a visa before arriving.

There are several ways that you can travel to Mexico. Flying, or course is very common. Mexico is also a frequent destination for cruise ships. Cancun is major attraction for vacation goers since it’s known for it’s amazing beaches and close proximity to other countries in the Caribbean. How ever you arrive to Mexico, you will have to go through customs and immigration. For this, you’ll need need to make sure that you have a valid passport.

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Any time you cross the Mexican border you will have to have your passport with you. There are many cities right along the border than are minutes away from a US city. You’ll still need your passport to visit these since you are still entering another country.

In case a tourist visa isn’t enough for your travel purposes, you’ll have to apply for the appropriate visa. These visas can include work visas, study visas, and many more. To get a visa, you’ll actually have to submit your passport to either the Mexico embassy or one of the Mexican consulate offices. You’ll already have to have your passport in hands before applying for any type of Mexico visa.

How Do You Get a Passport for Mexico?

Getting a passport to travel to Mexico is easy. Traveling to Mexico will require the same passport specifications as any other country. You’ll have to have plenty of time left on your passport before expiration as well as enough pages remaining for future visa stamps. Lastly, the over passport book must maintain a quality appearance. If your current passport book doesn’t match these requirements or you don’t have a passport at all, you’ll need to go through similar processes to obtain a new or renewed passport before you travel to Mexico.

The simplest way to get a passport is by taking advantage of Travel Visa Pro’s passport agency offices located all around the US. We have several major offices as well as many drop-off and pick-up locations to service travelers all over the country. Travel Visa Pro can assist with getting a passport for your trip to Mexico.

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You’ll need to provide a few things before you’re about to get your passport. In addition to your completed passport application, you’ll need to submit two photos, proof of citizenship, and proof of identity. Previous passport holders will also have to submit their old passport book when applying. Getting a passport to Mexico with Travel Visa Pro means that you can get special expedited passport services. If you have a last minute trip to Mexico that you are preparing for, get in contact with us for how you can receive a passport within eight hours.

Many people question whether they’ll need to have a passport for entering Mexico since it borders the US. The simple answer is yes; you will definitely need to have your passport to travel to Mexico. This includes whether you’re just here for a quick weekend on a cruise around the Caribbean or if you’re planning to stay here longer for business or study purposes. Getting a passport is important to have before you can even board your flight. You surely won’t want to delay your trip by not having a passport.

There are plenty of options for getting a passport with Travel Visa Pro. We are a one stop stop for getting your passport for Mexico as well as a specific travel visa for the country.

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