Do You Need A Passport To Travel To Bermuda?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Fri Oct 6 2017

If you’ve never traveled abroad before and are planning to embark on a trip to the beautiful British island of Bermuda, you’re likely wondering what travel documents you’ll need to bring along to ensure that you’re allowed to enter the territory. There’s so much information out there that it can be difficult to find where to start. That being said, if you’re asking yourself whether or not you’ll need a passport before beginning your adventure, you’ve come to the right place.


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Long story short, you will be needing a passport to enter Bermuda. It’s important to understand that there are two different types of passports: a passport book and a passport card. Both of these passport types serve as proof of citizenship and identity, but if you’re traveling by air, you will need to carry a passport book. Furthermore, your driver’s license or identification card and birth certificate will not be enough on their own. A passport is necessary for entrance to the island.


All international air travel requires that you carry a passport book, no exceptions. Passport books are exactly what they sound like: booklets! In the United States, they usually have a dark blue cover and contain 28 pages, 17 of which are visa pages. Visa pages are used to collect entry and exit stamps that give you permission to enter specific countries.

While passport books are required for air travel, they can also be used for travel by land and sea. If you will not be traveling in an airplane, though, you have the option to take a passport card instead of a book. These wallet-sized cards have been made available to U.S. citizens since 2008 and make for a convenient form of identity and proof of citizenship. Passport cards also have the same validity as passport books! This means that they’ll last you ten years if you’re over 16 years of age, and five years if you’re under 16 years of age. They’re much cheaper than passport books and can be carried around with ease, making them a handy alternative for those staying on the ground or in the water, but remember that you cannot collect visas with a passport card.

Luckily, Bermuda does not require you to have a visa upon entry, so simply having your passport will get you onto the island. However, if you’re traveling by cruise ship, it would be wise (and might even be required by the cruise line) to make sure you have a passport book rather than a card. This is to ensure that, if there’s a sudden emergency that forces you to return to the United States by plane from the nearest airport, you’ll be equipped with an international travel document that is valid for airplane travel.

Do You Need A Passport To Travel To Bermuda

Your passport must be valid through the duration of your stay in Bermuda so that not only can you enter the island, but you can return to the United States. The British Embassy or British Consulate offices will serve as great points of contact for you should any issues or questions arise. Don’t forget to have proof of your return ticket and details about any intended travel beyond the island!

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The mesmerizing pink sands of Bermuda’s beaches are waiting for you to dip your toes in. Between the island’s many museums and magical crystal caves, the opportunities for exploration are infinite. What are you waiting for? Take a look through our website or give us a call to learn more about how we can make your experience as seamless as possible! We can’t wait to learn more about your needs!