Do you need a visa to go to Brazil?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Sun Jul 2 2017

Summer is well underway in the US, which means Brazil is cooling off as much as it can for the next few months. Although US citizens have visa-free access to a surprisingly high number of countries, Brazil isn’t one of them, nor will it likely be in the immediate future. During the Olympics, Brazil did lift immigration restrictions and allowed Americans to fly into Rio without a visa, but those days are long gone.


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So, do you need a visa to go to Brazil?

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Order Brazil Visa Online - Do you need a visa to go to Brazil?

Brazil, along with its South American neighbors, remains a popular destination for US citizens in the winter season – our winter, their summer. Because of the lack of jet lag and easy of travel that doesn’t involve crossing an ocean, many tourists heading to Brazil might hope that the visa application process is similarly simple to navigate, with what might be an open door to the country. The truth is that Brazilian visas require information and additional documents many countries do not. As such, each form and requirement should be handled the time and attention it deserves.

Tourist visas to Brazil are required for any US citizen looking an escape of 90 days or less. If you need a visa to go to Brazil, it’s best to gather the documents you need well in advance of your trip:

Passport: US passport valid for at least six months. One completely blank page is recommended for the visa stamps.
Passport-Sized Photos: One 2×2” color photograph
Brazilian Visa Application Form: Available at Brazilian embassies and consulates, as well as their websites.
Medical Certification: In some cases, it may be necessary to get inoculated against Yellow Fever depending on your travel history.
Travel Itinerary: Always a good idea to have with you in any country. Incoming and outgoing flights, hotel address, local transportation.
Proof of Income, Sufficient Funds: Requirements vary depending on consular staff, but it’s a good idea to show proof you have at least several hundred (or thousand) dollars in your bank account.
Fees: The Brazilian government currently charges US citizens visiting Brazil $60 for the visa, and $190 for reciprocity of American visa policy. $250 total for a tourist visa, payable in the form of a money order – no cash or checks are accepted.

No applications by mail are accepted as of July 2017. Fees and entry requirements are always subject to change, so connect with the US Department of State at every step of your trip to Brazil. Tourist visas are the most commonly used for US citizens, but there are many types of Brazilian visas available.

How can I apply for a Brazilian visa?

Consular sections of Brazil are located in most major US cities including the embassy in Washington, D.C. and in Boston, Chicago, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Once you submit all the aforementioned documents, it will take at least five business days to process an application for a tourist visa.

If that timeframe doesn’t work well with your travel plans, e.g. you flight is scheduled to depart at the end of the week, consider using a visa and passport expediting agency like Travel Visa Pro to ensure your visa will be ready when you need it to be. For Brazil, TVP can rush your application through and get a visa in your hand in as little as 2-3 business days. Unlike the Brazilian embassies and consulates which are unable to accept applications by mail, TVP can receive applications from anywhere in the US.

brazilian visa - Do you need a visa to go to Brazil?

Travel Visa Pro helps you travel to Brazil

Whether you’re visiting family or planning to retire, the travel experts at Travel Visa Pro will work with you every step of the way, registering your trip at the closest US embassy, staying on top of travel warnings, and making you confident you made the right choice to demystify the Brazilian visa application process.

Don’t subject yourself to unnecessary delays when it comes time for your Brazil visa applications to be processed. If you’re the type of traveler who wants someone else to do the heavy lifting for your trip to Brazil, trust in Travel Visa Pro to cut down on the processing time and make sure your visa is returned before your flight departs.

Safety and security in Brazil

Just because Brazil recently hosted the Olympics and marketed itself as a safe international destination, it’s still important to be vigilant once you land in Rio de Janeiro–Galeão and step foot onto foreign soil. There are many places in major cities still rife with petty theft and violent crime, with con artists who wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of foreign travelers. Being mindful and registering your trip prior to departure is recommended.

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