Documents Needed for Passports

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Tue Jul 24 2018

Getting all the documents you need to apply for a passport for the first time or renew an existing document may have you at a disadvantage, but never fear. It’s perfectly understandable when government paperwork isn’t always the easiest to navigate, and the last time you had to gather documents, fill out forms and learn what you needed to do to get them processed may have been ten or more years ago.


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Documents Needed for Passports for the First Time

If you’re getting a passport for the first time, you’ll need to present Form DS-11, one color passport-sized photograph, a photo ID, proof of US citizenship (usually from a birth certificate), and $145 in fees – $110 for the application, $35 for the execution fee – in person. With the exception of authorizing a third-party agency like Travel Visa Pro to present the application on your behalf, all of the above must be presented in person through an appointment at the nearest regional passport agency.

Though the proof of US citizenship for natural born citizens is commonly a birth certificate, naturalized Americans should present a Certificate of Naturalization. This may also be used for those not born in the US as a photo ID. Because your first passport will serve as your only valid identification abroad recognizing you as a US citizen and is accepted as a photo ID for domestic travel for those whose home states are not yet compliant with the Real ID Act, the amount of paperwork required is extensive, but not impossible to obtain with a little effort. If you have any questions about different types of photo IDs and proof of citizenship that are accepted, contact your nearest Travel Visa Pro office.

Documents Needed for Passport Renewals

Your old passport issued within the last fifteen years, Form DS-82, a color passport-sized photograph, and the appropriate fees ($110 for a standard application) in the form of a check or money order are required to renew an existing passport, assuming it hasn’t been damaged or wasn’t issued more than fifteen years ago. Unlike first-time applications which must be presented in person, these documents can be sent through the mail. If you require an expedited passport book or card, be sure to go to a trusted passport agency like Travel Visa Pro.

Documents Needed for Passport Renewals - Documents Needed for Passports

Form DS-82 is required for all passport renewals. This document is six pages long, four of which are instructions; two needed to be submitted. Though the form is fairly straightforward, asking for information like your name, address, previous passport information, emergency contact, and travel plans, if you have difficulty handling such forms or simply don’t want anything else to distract from your travel plans, Travel Visa Pro staff can do it on your behalf.

Other documents required for passport renewals include a certified copy of an official name change form. This has been necessary in the event a traveler’s name has changed due to divorce, marriage, or any court-ordered change. In some cases, it may be necessary to present evidence you no longer owe child support or back taxes, as failing to have paid these can result in your passport renewal application being denied.

How Travel Visa Pro Can Help with your Passport Documents

Travel Visa Pro has been in business for over ten years. With nine offices across the US and dozens of staff members ready to accept passport and visa applications, you don’t have to send your documents for passport renewals through the mail and wait 6-8 weeks for a result. Our travel experts can process passport applications in as little as eight hours if you’re in the same city, and within 1-2 business days if you’re not through our pick up and drop off locations.

Whether you’re looking for a child’s passport renewal, a renewal for an adult, or renewing your second four-year passport, Travel Visa Pro has you covered. Whatever the situation, we’ll be there to demystify the process and leave you feeling confident in your choice of passport expediting agencies.