Hajj and How it Affects Your Visa

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Oct 7 2013

Every year around this time in the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Muslim holiday of Hajj commences. Hajj is known as the Muslim pilgrimage in the last month of the year and it is expected of all Muslims whom have means to make this journey at least once a year.


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This is a worldwide celebration and millions flock to the Kingdom every year. Now, even if you’re not participating in Hajj, its significance will still have an impact on your visa process.

First, the KSA Embassy is inundated with 1000’s of Saudi Arabia visas per day and their main priority is processing Hajj visas. Therefore, it is possible that your application may be delayed a day or two. Also, note that the above applies to documents as well.

Hajj ends on/around October 14th and is marked by Eid Al Adha. This is the celebration of of sacrifice and usually celebrated by the slaying of their best halal animal. The animal is divided into three parts; one for family, two for friends of the family, and the third, for the poor.

The Eid will start on October 14th and end on October 16th. During this time all Muslim Consulates and Embassies will be closed. Furthermore, foreign governments in their respective countries will be closed as well.

Please make your travel plans accordingly.