How Do You Renew Your Passport?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Jan 17 2018

One of the main reasons third party visa and passport agencies like Travel Visa Pro exist is the confusion surrounding this question. For those fortunate enough to travel internationally as a child, parents are usually the ones making sure everything is arranged, from entertainment we can enjoy to a five-year passport we can use well after we’re considered legal adults.

When our time comes to venture out into the world on our own terms, first-time passport applications probably blended in our memories with every other kind of paperwork we had to do between 18-22 years old: university applications, job applications, filing for insurance, getting a loan for a car, etc. It’s no wonder that when the time comes to renew this travel document ten years or so later, many people are simply unprepared for what’s involved.

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How do you renew your passport?

Sometimes passport holders need to renew their books before the expiration date has passed simply because they need more than six months’ validity before traveling or have run out of space for visas and entry/exit stamps. As long as your passport hasn’t been expired for more than five years, you qualify for a standard renewal.

Renewing your passport with time to spare means you have the option of applying by mail. Send in your old passport, a completed Form DS-82, a recent passport photo, and the associated fees to the US Department of State. Normal processing time is at least a few weeks.

If you’re in a crunch and really need your passport renewal to be processed in a hurry, you can visit one of the 26 regional passport agencies in the United States. Some do require appointments – which can be full during a high travel period – but expedited processing is available for an addition $60 fee. This can take anywhere from a few days to two weeks.

However, if you need help with Form DS-82 and/or would like to specify exactly when your renewed passport will be returned, you can always stop by or ship your application to the nearest Travel Visa Pro office. Our team of experts can work with you to decide on the best processing time for your departure, and facilitate any visa applications you might need in your new document.

Can I renew my passport online

As of this writing there is no option to renew your passport online. All applications require that you present or send in your old passport book or card. However, Form DS-82 for passport renewals has online assistance through the US Department of State website.

How long will it take to renew my passport?

Typical passport renewal applications by mail can take anywhere from a few to several weeks. Applications handed over in person at a regional passport agency can take two weeks, but often less when expedited processing is requested.

With Travel Visa Pro, the amount of time needed to process your renewal is strictly based on your budget and date of departure. If you need to depart the next business day, we have Emergency Passport Service at our nine staffed locations capable of processing a passport renewal in as little as eight hours.

When can you not renew your passport?

If your passport was issued more than fifteen years ago, you don’t qualify for a standard renewal. If your previous passport was a five-year book given to children, you’ll have to apply in person using Form DS-11. Finally, if you had a valid passport, but it was lost or stolen, you cannot renew your passport; all renewal applications must include the old document.

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