How fast can I get a passport?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Sun Dec 3 2017

How fast can I get a US passport? If you’re planning an international trip in the next few days, do you think it’s possible to get a passport book for the first time? And what if you’re renewing an old document, or getting one for your child? There are different conditions and different processes for Americans seeking a passport, but one constant remains: we’re always in a hurry.

With Travel Visa Pro’s Emergency Passport service, we can process a passport renewal or a new application within eight hours. If you come in to one of our nine offices across the country in the morning with an appointment, you’ll be able to get your passport by the end of the business day. That’s a fast passport service, by any measure!


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How much does a fast passport cost?

The process to renew a passport quickly is remarkably simple with Travel Visa Pro. Whether you have plenty of time before your flight or need your application completed in a hurry, our travel experts can help. We understand that some travelers come to us for emergencies, so if you need your passport renewal processed within 8 hours, Travel Visa Pro can assist with our Emergency Passport service mentioned above for $499. This guarantees you an in-person appointment at the nearest regional passport office, form fill service, and assistance gathering any documents you need for an expedited application.

On the other hand, if you have one or two days before traveling, we offer a Next Day Passport service for $349. Our Urgent Passport service will deliver your passport within 2-3 business days for $229. Those who are planning to leave the country with more than a few weeks’ notice should consider our Budget Passport service, starting at $89.

What documents do I need to get a passport quickly?

When getting your first US passport or renewing one after ten years, make sure you understand which applications and documents to bring to Travel Visa Pro’s offices to ensure a quick turnaround for your passport. First-time applicants or those who haven’t renewed their passport in 15 years need to provide form DS-11, proof of US citizenship in the form of a birth certificate, your standard photo ID, a check for $110 made out to the US Department of State, evidence of immediate travel, two original and signed passport authorization forms, and two passport-sized photos (no glasses may be worn for passport photos). If you need your passport processed with expedited service, as is the case for our 8-hour turnaround, please use a check for $170 instead.

Are you renewing your passport? The requirements are similar to those above, but you’ll need form DS-82 instead of DS-11. If you have trouble with applications and want to leave the complexities of travel to us, try our Concierge Service. A Travel Visa Pro team member will be available to you with personal attention every step of the application process. Our representative will call you to go over all the requirements, pricing, and processing time to ensure that everything meets your needs. Follow up emails and calls will be made in a reasonable amount of time to ensure everything is clear. Upon receipt, we will call you to confirm all the documents have arrived safely and notify you of the estimated completion time.

How fast can I get a passport?

Whether it’s processed in 8 hours or 15 days, your new passport should reflect the type of travel that best suits your needs. Passport books come with 28 or 52 pages, good for travel to all international destinations where US citizens are allowed. Passport cards – only $30 – are mainly used for land or sea crossings between Canada and Mexico. Because new pages are no longer allowed to be added to your existing passport, the cost is the same whether you’d prefer using your passport for annual vacations (28 pages might be best) or regular business travel (52 pages, with 44 pages available for stamps and visas).

What about replacing a lost passport?

If you happen to lose your US passport while still in the country, Travel Visa Pro is at your disposal. Normally, the replacement process involved reporting the passport lost (or stolen), and applying for a “new” passport using Form DS-11.

However, the majority of travelers who lose their passports do so while outside the country, as their books need to be accessible for hotels, immigration, currency exchange, and even encountering local law enforcement. When this happens, find the nearest US embassy or consulate. They can completely replace your passport book with a new one if you have enough time in the country, or issue a limited-validity document for you to complete your trip.


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