How much does it cost to renew a U. S. passport?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Fri Nov 23 2018

With autumn upon us and the winter holidays approaching, travelers are starting to save on those once-a-year international trips. Unfortunately, a commonly overlooked aspect of vacation is making sure your passport is up to date. If you are planning to travel internationally anytime soon, it never pays to leave everything until the 11th hour.

Last-minute passport application fees can quickly break the bank, which is why experts recommend checking that expiration date a few months prior to travel. This isn’t always possible with business trips and unexpected circumstances, but here are some of the costs you can expect when you decide to renew your US passport.


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Renewing your US passport through the mail

The cheapest and slowest way to apply for or renew a passport is to send in all the necessary documents through the mail to the US Department of State. Unlike first-time passport applications, which must be done in person at a regional passport agency or a trusted company like Travel Visa Pro, travelers only have to pay the processing fees of $110 or $80 for adults and children, respectively (this does not include the cost of postage or passport photos).

However, passport renewals by mail can take several weeks to get back to you. This method may allow you to renew your passport from the comfort of home, but there are other ways to ensure you keep your costs down while still getting your passport on time. Travel Visa Pro can also expedite your passport renewal if you choose to send it in to one of our offices, or apply in person.

Renewal costs for passport books and cards

Passport renewals for adults and children, whether you’re replacing a lost document or an expired one, cost the same as mail-in applications: $110 and $80, respectively. However, there is an additional $35 Execution Fee for those choosing to apply at a regional passport agency, making the totals $145 and $115 for adults and children.

Applying in person requires that you make an appointment and present proof of immediate travel. If you’ve had your passport stolen abroad and need to apply for a renewal at a US embassy or consulate, these fees may be waived or at least postponed.

Cost of expediting passport renewal applications

Regional passport offices in the continental United States and Puerto Rico are capable of processing and expediting passport renewal applications in person. However, certain fees are added for travelers wishing to get expedited service; there’s a $60 fee on top of the $35 Execution Fee and the $110 processing fee = $205.

The costs for expediting a passport renewal through a third-party agency like Travel Visa Pro is determined entirely by your needs. If you’re in a hurry (emergency travel or otherwise) and must have your application processed within the same business day, TVP’s team of travel experts can do this with their Emergency Service. This guarantees that if your application is in the hands of one of our travel professionals with an appointment by the time our offices open, you will receive a new passport book or card by the end of the day.

Hidden costs for passport renewal applications

Just because we’ve covered the processing fees, expediting fees, and execution fees doesn’t mean that’s all there is. Applying for a passport renewal requires that all applicants bring in two passport-sized photos (approx. $15-20) and proof of citizenship (birth certificate, expired passport, or naturalization certificate).

If you’ve recently gotten married or legally changed your name, these changes must be proved with a certified copy of the court-ordered documents. Let’s not forget shipping costs; the US Department of State will ship your passport renewal back for applications received through the mail, and offer the same service for those received in person. Applicants tend to use Priority Mail for simple tracking and a few days’ turnaround, but overnight returns are also available for $15.45 should you wish.

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