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How Much is a Cambodian Visa?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Jan 29 2018

If you’re planning a trip to Southeast Asia, Cambodia should be near the top of the list. With attractions like Angkor Wat, a low cost of living like its neighbors, and accepting of US currency, Cambodia is often the entry way for American tourists to the region. Whatever your motivation for traveling to Cambodia, the first step is always a visa.


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Getting a visa to Cambodia when you need it

Though Cambodia has made it easier for US citizens to visit with its handy e-visa program, there are other considerations that may make you want to apply for a visa in person or through the mail. When that happens, scanning the information on embassy websites and pouring over the blank spaces on forms isn’t always enough to ensure there won’t be any setbacks to your application.

Luckily, Travel Visa Pro has teams of travel experts knowledgeable in how to apply for and expedite visas to Cambodia. TVP has nine staffed locations across the US, as well as dozens of pick up and drop off locations offering free shipping for visa and passport applications.


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How much is a Cambodian visa for US citizens?

Thirty-day tourist visas are available online via Cambodia’s e-visa website for $30 with a $7 processing fee. The website will provide a confirmation voucher which you’ll need to present to immigration on arrival in Cambodia; however, this method isn’t recommended for those using land border crossings from Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Travelers to Cambodia also have the option of applying for a visa in person, and some embassies and consulates accept applications by mail. Just send your US passport valid for at least six months, a completed visa application form, two passport-sized photos, and a cashier’s check or money order for $30. Business visas valid from 1-12 months are also available in person for $35, and tourist visas can be extended in the country for an additional 30 days for $45.

More about Cambodian visa costs & fees here.

How to get a Cambodian visa on arrival

Visas on arrival are also available in Cambodia to US citizens, with immigration checkpoints available to take and print photos as well as withdraw cash. Though US dollars are accepted and can be withdrawn from ATMs in Cambodia, it’s best to arrive with a passport photo already printed and cut to size with exact change ready for the fee just in case.

What else should I know before flying to Cambodia?

As always, safety first. Purchasing Travel Visa Pro’s Trip Registration service will register your trip with the US Department of State and inform the US embassy staff in Phnom Penh of your movements in Cambodia. It will also ensure you’re kept up to date on the latest travel warnings, from approaching storms to reports of violence.

If you’re planning on a land border crossing from Cambodia to a neighboring country like Thailand, be aware there have been reports of extortion from border agents, particular when traveling on some of the last buses before the checkpoint closes. Having a valid prepaid visa prior to crossing may not mean you don’t want a little extra cash on hand.

There are many easy aspects of traveling to Cambodia, but a lot that could go wrong if you don’t take the time to research visa regulations and what to do at immigration. Because of that, why risk a costly delay or even the possible cancellation of your trip when there could be a Travel Visa Pro right around the corner? Experts are waiting to help get you to Cambodia!

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