How Much is a Visa to India?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Thu Feb 1 2018

All US citizens considering a trip to India need to apply for a tourist visa well in advance of their departure. As of this writing, visas on arrivals are not available – even three-day transit visas require applying beforehand – but there are a few options for getting to India safely and legally. Some Indian embassies and consulates do accept applications in person, but e-visas to India have been available to US citizens since 2015. Whether you’re traveling to India for business, tourism, or medical reasons, make sure your visa meets your needs.


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Getting a visa to India quickly

If you want simple and hassle-free visa service, Travel Visa Pro can ensure that your application is submitted in plenty of time and you will receive your visa in advance of your trip. This service gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on enjoying your vacation planning. Just visit one of the nine Travel Visa Pro offices in the US or leave your application at one of the dozens of pick up and drop off locations.

Why should you apply online for a visa to India?

Though the United States is host to a number of Indian consulates and the embassy in Washington DC, some of them do not accept applications by mail or in person. Taking the time during a busy workweek to wait in line waiting to see consular staff or hoping your application will be returned by mail in time is an unnecessary burden. Applying for an e-visa to India will allow you to do so from the comfort of home.

How long can I stay in India with a tourist visa?

Here’s where applications in person have the advantage. Those who apply in person or by mail can have a tourist visa valid from six months to ten years, whereas e-visa validity is limited to 60 days. Apply at least four working days before you plan to arrive (taking note of the date change) as it can take several days for the visa to be processed and to show up on the system. Once your visa is approved, print it out, present it to immigration along with your passport, and you’re ready to see India.

Whether you’d prefer to apply online or in person, you can get a tourist visa to India up to 120 days in advance. It is highly recommended that you begin the application process three or four weeks before your departure due to demand from some consulates during peak travel season. Delays are common, but as long as you’re not planning a last-minute trip, you’ll ensure your visa is approved in time and you’ll be all set to travel.

How much is a visa to India?

The cost for an e-visa to India is $60. Unfortunately, this is non-refundable, meaning if you lose your current passport or need to renew it to ensure you have enough blank pages, you’ll have to apply for another e-visa and pay the fee again. Any online payment should be processed in four hours, with your e-visa approved and sent out within 72 hours. The approved visa will be emailed to you and should then be printed and shown at immigration when you arrive in India.

Other concerns about traveling to India

The US Department of State is still recommending women travelers avoid visiting India alone after repeated reports of groping and sexual assault. If you are concerned about your safety abroad for any reason, take the time to register your trip with the US Department of State, and know where the closest US embassy or consulate will be during your stay.

Should you need to renew or replace your passport in a hurry, go to Travel Visa Pro for emergency same-day service and get your Indian e-visa reissued immediately. Investing in travel insurance is also a good recommendation to prevent inconveniences abroad.

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