How Much Is It To Renew a Passport?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Jan 8 2018

If you’ve waited until the last minute to check the expiration date of your passport – we’ve all been there at some point – and panic when you realize not only is it due to expire before your flight departs, but you already applied for visas to two different countries, then you’ve got your work cut out for you.

You may have had your reliable passport for the better part of a decade, but if it doesn’t even have six months’ validity left, this would make it invalid for travel to many countries. It’s difficult to keep down costs prior to a big trip, but taking the time to check your travel documents can make the difference between a smooth an uneventful start and a delay, or even a cancellation. The cost and time applying for passports varies, but keep reading and you will find how much is it to renew a passport approximately.


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Cost of Passport Renewal in Person

If you’re currently in the United States, regional passport agencies are available at 26 different locations in majority cities to process expedited passport applications. Staff on site usually require proof of immediate travel, your expired passport, and expediting fees: $60. Standard passport book applications cost $110, but for applying in person, there’s an additional $25 Execution Fee. Processing time varies for in-person applications and need; some applicants can get their new documents in as little as a few business days, others in a week or two.

Cost of Passport Renewal by Mail

Sending all your documents directly to the US Department of State removes the $60 expediting fee and the Execution Fee, but the price of a passport remains the same: $110. In addition, this method for getting a renewal isn’t very reliable if you’re considering leaving the US in a matter of weeks. During peak season, passport renewals by mail can take up to several weeks, with no updates or expected return provided on receipt.

Cost of Passport Renewal outside the US

If you’re currently living in another country or planning to stay in one country for more than two weeks, it is possible to turn in all the necessary documents – Form DS-82, passport photos, old passport, fees – to a nearby US embassy or consulate in person or by mail (depending on the country). Many do not allow expedited renewals, so this fee and the Execution Fee are waived.

Is there a way to renew my passport faster?

The fees charged by the US Department of State ($110 processing + $60 expedited service) are no guarantee of a quick turnaround if the offices are flooded with applications. When these offices aren’t capable of picking up the slack and your date of departure is quickly approaching, Travel Visa Pro is there with expedited passport renewal services.

Your only limit when it comes to renewing a passport with Travel Visa Pro is based on the time you want or the price you want. If you’re leaving the next morning, our team of travel experts can process a renewal application with our 8-hour Emergency Service for $599. This guarantees that if your application is in the hands of one of our travel professionals with an appointment at the beginning of the business day, you will receive a renewal passport by the end.

Other services include passport renewals by the next business day for $429 with TVP’s Next Day Service, and $299 in three to five business days with Urgent Passport Service. Rush Passport Service guarantees your application will be processed within 6-10 business days for $199. Standard Passport processing services cost $149 to deliver your book within 10-15 business days, and $99 with TVP’s Budget Passport service for 15-20 days.

All these services are designed for business and leisure travelers who need their applications expedited, or are uncomfortable handling the paperwork themselves. Whatever the case, Travel Visa Pro is standing by with a team of experts ready to work for you.

Do you need your passport renewal application processed quickly and professionally? Come by Travel Visa Pro today!