How Quickly Can You Get a Passport?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Fri Jan 12 2018

Sending all of your personal documents through the mail and waiting may not be what travelers want to do while their departure date steadily approaches, nor are many able to leave work and walk into a regional passport office. In cases such as these, a third-party agency like Travel Visa Pro is available to receive first-time and renewal mail-in applications at any one of our offices, or in-person applications at nine locations nationwide to get you your passport quickly.

If you’re looking to travel internationally for the first time, you have enough on your plate with travel preparations without worrying about dealing with bureaucracy. A travel expert at Travel Visa Pro can be your sole contact when you need your application handled quickly and professionally, and we can assist with additional visas and travel registration.

Next to gathering any missing citizenship papers, forms filled out improperly can be the biggest time waster in passport applications. Though sending in an application through the mail may give you the freedom to do everything from home, you won’t have the opportunity to consult with someone knowledgeable in this process, and just have to wait for it to be returned should something go wrong.

Why risk any delays or cancellations in getting your passport quickly when there’s a Travel Visa Pro in your area? Come to one of our nine staffed offices or any pick up and drop off location to see what we’re all about. Celebrating over ten years in business, our travel experts have what it take to quickly get you a passport.


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How to get it by yourself?

If you’re getting a passport for the first time, it’s important to understand there’s more than just the processing time required by the US Department of State. All the documents for a first-time application include proof of US citizenship, a passport-sized photo, photo ID, and Form DS-11.

Your proof of citizenship – birth certificate, naturalization certificate – should be handy at all times; if you need to replace your naturalization certificate, you qualify for a two-year limited validity passport. Similarly, getting passport photos doesn’t take much time: an hour or two at any number of pharmacies; the nine Travel Visa Pro offices offer these services as well.

Once you have assembled everything you need – hopefully within a day unless you’ve misplaced your birth certificate – you’re ready to hand over your application to get your passport quickly.

How quickly can you get a passport in person?

If you’d like to apply for a first-time passport or a renewal in person, you’ll have to make an appointment at a regional passport agency. There are 26 of these in the United States available for expedited passport applications. Unfortunately, appointments are subject to how busy the office is. During peak travel season, it may take several days to find a suitable time slot. Travel Visa Pro is able to make these appointments on your behalf, letting you avoid standing in line and potentially missing work.

Once you get an appointment and your passport application is accepted by an official, the processing time varies. Normally in-person applications are processed and returned within two weeks, but you can pay a $60 fee for expedited processing (a few business days) if you provide proof of immediate travel. In addition, if your reason for traveling abroad involves a death in the family or a medical emergency, officials can sometimes return a passport quickly, in as little as 1-3 business days. With the right appointment, Travel Visa Pro can get you a passport in as little as eight hours.

How quickly can you get a passport by mail?

Because many Americans do not live close to a regional passport center or may be unable to travel there, Travel Visa Pro can forward your application to the US Department of State for those renewing their passports. First timers can rely on a trusted third-party agency like Travel Visa Pro if they are unable to be there themselves.

However, the wait required for a mail-in application is significantly longer than those handed over in person. While consular and passport officials may be able to provide an estimated return date when your passport will be ready to be picked up, mail-in applications ask you to wait several weeks and hope everything is returned without any errors. Expedited processing is available for mail-in applications to cut down on the processing time, but a renewal will more than likely still take several weeks to process, or just a few if you’re lucky.

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