How to get a passport?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Tue Apr 10 2018

A passport is the most important document if you are planning to travel to a foreign country. In the United States, a passport is used as a travel document and can as well be used to prove citizenship. However, this precious document expires. So how to get a passport? If your passport expired or you do not even have one, you can get it by visiting passport office or for an even easier way, take advantage of a passport agency such as Travel Visa Pro.


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How to get a passport?

Whether you’re getting a new passport for the first time or just have to get it renewed, it is pretty similar process to get it. For a new passport, you’ll have to not only fill out a passport application, but also submit two passport photos  and a proof of residence.

There are two major types of passports: passports for the minors and passports for the adults. For you to renew your passport as an adult you have to submit the older passport. The old passport must have been issued to you when you were 16 years or above, it has to be in good shape and it must not have been expired. It is only when the three conditions are met that you qualify to renew your passport. The same procedure is followed in renewing passports for the minors. The major difference between the two passports is: passports for minors expire after 5 years while adult passports expires after 10 years.

Passports have certain specifications for determining if it is still valid or will have to be renewed. The main points to remember are having more than two months before the expiration date, having enough blank pages for future visa stamps, and the overall condition of the passport must be good and presentable. Passports typically last for up to ten years but if it does not pass any of these requirements at any time, you’ll have to get it renewed. You’ll have to submit the same materials as applying for a new passport but also include your old passport along with your submission.

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How many passports can an individual have?

Under normal circumstances, you should only have one passport that expires after 10 years. However, there is always an exemption. If you are planning to visit several foreign states before getting back to the country you should request for a second passport. For you to be issued with a second passport you will have to give reasons why it is needed. This request can be denied or accepted based on what reasons you give. More often this process is time-consuming and hectic, with Travel Visa Pro you can get some help to make this process easier. The second passport is used in the embassies to apply for a visa whereas the later is used as a travel document and for identity verification purposes. The second passport expires after 4 years. When renewing it you have to submit both passports for verification purpose.

How long does it take to get a passport?

How long it takes for you to get your passport will largely depend on the mode of application you use. If you use the mail, it can take weeks or months even worse, when you receive the document it might be full of errors. It is advisable to present yourself in person and even then if you do this via the government offices the process will take weeks. Picture a scenario where you are in need of emergency medical care which can only be found in another country. Can you wait for weeks or months? Then you have to contact passport agency like us- Travel Visa Pro.

What is the fastest way getting a passport?

If you want to have your passport renewed within 24 hours the place to be is Travel Visa Pro. We offer same day passport services at reasonable prices. Our staffs have years of experience and they will walk you through the whole process smoothly. Within 24 hours your passport shall be ready. Visit any of our offices in or you can simply give us a call.