How to get a passport in One Day?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Thu May 10 2018

We all know that getting a passport takes time and the hassle of paperwork. The U.S State Department processes passport applications between four to six weeks, and emergency applications can take from two to four weeks. It could even take longer if you’re applying for your first passport! If you are in a predicament and need a passport to travel urgently, avoid the queues and stress, and let Travel Visa Pro’s team of experts take care of your travel documents.


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We have a VIP Concierge Service for an additional $179 where we manage your paperwork and give you the individual attention you need to prepare for your international journey. Depending on where you are traveling to, US citizens may need visas to gain entry to foreign countries, so it is imperative that you confirm any visa requirements for the country you are intending to visit. If you know where you’re going, Travel Visa Pro can help you get there.

Travel Visa Pro manages all the hard tasks of verifying and submitting the required documentation for passport applications so we can submit your expedited application on your behalf. We personally deliver your information to the state and keep a follow up to ensure your passport is delivered within one day. Think of Travel Visa Pro as your personal butler who will sort out your passport. How urgent is your application?

Do you need a passport in one day?

You may find it surprising, but it is possible to get a passport in one day. Go onto Travel Visa Pro’s website and select which passport you need:

  • First Time Passport
  • Second US Passport
  • Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Passport
  • Passport Renewal
  • Second US Passport Renewal
  • Child Passport
  • Child Passport Renewal

If you are traveling in less than 14 days or need a foreign visa within four weeks in your new passport, then you need to provide proof of your travel arrangements to a foreign country. This can be in the form of purchased flights, accommodation, or formal letters stating your need to travel immediately for business, medical, or family reasons.

Except for adult passport renewals that use the DS-82 application form, all other applications require the DS-11 application to be completed. Once you have filled this out, leave it unsigned and print two copies.  Find your local post office with a passport acceptance facility where you will present these documents for verification.

travel visa pro passport services

You need to have proof of identity, proof of United States citizenship, and 2” x 2” passport photographs on a white or off-white background that are not more than three months old and without eyewear. A check payable to the U.S. Department of State for their passport fees must also be included. The post office acceptance agent officially verifies your identity so you do not need to appear in person for your application and for Travel Visa Pro to complete applications on your behalf, you need to include two signed authorization letters.

Once this is all complete, get the documents off to us.  Travel Visa Pro offers VIP services at 9 offices across the United States and drop-off/pick up services at several other locations in the country.

 Travel Visa Pro offers various packages to get your passport in one day. The Emergency Service is available at a cost of $599, where emergency passports can be processed within eight hours after your application is submitted to us. The Next Day Service is a package we offer to get your passport processed in one business day for $429. For the top tier travel executives, we have the tailor-made Executive Choice. This is a premium service offered at $499.

Travel Visa Pro recommends using the VIP Concierge Service at $179 per traveler. Let us take care of all your US passport or travel visa complexities, such as requirements, pricing, and processing to ensure your travel needs are met. Your application form and supporting documentation will be thoroughly checked to ensure everything is accurate and complete.

To start your emergency application, reserve a same-day passport slot on Travel Visa Pro’s website. A non-refundable appointment fee of $250 is required for same day applications. This is deducted from your final fee with Travel Visa Pro.

On a final note, the U.S Department of State does not issue passports on weekends or federal holidays and this also applies to emergency applications.

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