How to Get an Emergency Passport?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Dec 4 2017

Let’s set the stage. You’re a business traveler who needs to get around the world by the weekend. Or you’ve had a vacation planned for many months but never bothered to look at the expiration date on your passport. Even if your passport is still valid for six months and has a few empty pages, you might need a new book prior to international travel and ensure there won’t be any problems at immigration. Here at Travel Visa Pro, we offer our Emergency Passport service, guaranteeing you get your passport renewed in 8 hours or less.

How to get an emergency passport? Come to one of our nine locations across the US and bring two identical, recent passport-sized photographs; remember that as of November 1st no glasses may be worn in these photos. Although you can visit a professional photographer or pharmacy, Travel Visa Pro offers photo services for $20. The acceptance of your photo is always at the discretion of the US passport agency, so conforming to all of their rules would be best to guarantee you receive your passport on time.

What else do you need for an emergency passport renewal? Two original signed letters of authorization, two copies of the same, a US Passport Renewal Form (DS-82), and a check for $170 made out the US Department of State. If you wish us to type up your application, we offer an exclusive concierge service with one of our travel experts. A $35 convenience fee will be assessed for this service.


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How to Get an Emergency Passport?

When you obtain a new passport, remember that any visas for future travel in the old passport are now invalid. So while Travel Visa Pro can provide you with an emergency passport renewal within a business day, it’s best to give yourself more time prior to your flight to apply for visas or get any existing visas transferred to the new passport. We can also assist you with this. If you’re having trouble with the DS-82 forms or the passport authorization forms we will need to successfully process your passport renewal application, be sure to take advantage of our Form Fill Service. Travel Visa Pro’s experts will be at your side assisting you with complicated government-issued paperwork. Just be sure to bring your original passport and personal information to help us complete your application.

Currently, the US Department of State offers 28- and 52-page books for those interested in an emergency passport renewal. Because new pages are no longer allowed to be added to your existing passport as of January 2016, the cost is the same for both passport books.

All ready to let Travel Visa Pro process your emergency passport application? Stop by one of our offices and we’ll have it ready by the end of business!

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