How to Get an Expedited US Passport

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Sep 20 2017

Are you the type of traveler to put things off until the last minute, like checking your travel documents months after you booked your flight, but only a day or two before your schedule departure? Do you need to know how to get an expedited passport so you make your flight and continue on with your business trip?


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How to get an expedited passport

Most travelers know that it’s possible to apply for passports in three different ways: in person at an official passport agency; through a trusted third-party agency like Travel Visa Pro; sending an application through the mail directly to the US State Department.

The problem with the last method is obvious: even if you were to send your passport renewal application as quickly as the mail allowed, the processing time would be out of your hands. Similarly for the first – getting an expedited passport is possible in person at an official agency in the US, but limited staff or a backlog of applications can lead to delays. Providing proof of travel within the month can get you an expedited passport in 2-3 weeks, but anything faster than that is at the discretion of officials and usually limited to life or death emergencies.

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Get Expedited Passports with Travel Visa Pro

Travel Visa Pro’s team of travel experts specialize in demystifying the visa and passport application process, and getting you a first-time passport or renewal in a hurry. Did you know we can process your passport application and return your passport within the same business day? As long as you make an appointment with us to get an expedited passport and live in one of the nine cities across the country with a TVP office, we’ve got you covered.

Staff at TVP can show you how to expedite passports with our signature 8-hour passport Emergency Service. In addition, we offer Next Day Service, Urgent Passport Service, and Rush Passport Service for a turnaround time of 24 hours, 3-5 business days, and 6-10 business days, respectively.

Do you qualify to get expedited passports?

If you’re applying directly with the US Department of State, the surest way to get an expedited passport in under 2-3 weeks is to have a life or death emergency. With Travel Visa Pro, you don’t have to have a real emergency or reason to need your passport renewal application processed quickly; isn’t wanting to travel reason enough?

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As long as you can provide a passport-sized photo, an application, the appropriate fees, and proof of citizenship, Travel Visa Pro will process an expedited passport for you. First-time applicants and those renewing are welcome!