How To Get Married In Mexico

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Thu Jul 22 2021

With its beautiful beaches and picturesque scenery, it’s no wonder that Mexico tops the ideal destinations to get married. Even so, you may have questions on what you need to tie the knot in this scenic country. Here’s what you need to know:

Types of Marriages in Mexico

You can either perform a civil marriage or a religious marriage. Please keep in mind that only civil marriages are recognized in Mexico. So, if you’re hoping to legally marry in Mexico, this is your only choice. It helps to note that same-sex couples can also get legally married in Mexico. However, you need to check with the specific state because different states operate by different rules. Religious marriages are not legally recognized, but you can hold one for symbolic purposes.

What Are the Requirements to Get Married in Mexico?

The requirements to get married in Mexico are easy to grasp and include:

  • All parties to the marriage should be aged at least 18 years. However, with parental consent, boys as young as 16 and girls as young as 14 can enter a marriage.
  • Each wedding party must have 2 witnesses present during the marriage. The witnesses must be aged at least 18 and possess valid forms of ID.
  • You must be physically present for the marriage ceremony. Moreover, you must arrive in the country at least 3 business days before the ceremony for civil weddings and at least 2 business days before religious ceremonies.

Requirements to Get Married in Mexico - How To Get Married In Mexico

What Documents Do You Need to Get Married in Mexico?

Getting married in Mexico is not unlike getting married in other overseas countries. But to ensure you have everything down to a T, ensure that you carry the required documents. Please note that all foreign documents must:

  • Accompany a Spanish translation and notarization by the Mexican government. You can get the notarization done at your nearest Mexican consulate.
  • Feature an Apostille stamp for authentication. You should get the documents apostilled in the state where they were issued to avoid any hassles. (Always check with the US government for the regulations to get the documents processed correctly.)

You should ensure that you also present originals and copies of the following documents:

  • Marriage application forms: You can get these from the local registry offices in Mexico. In line with the US laws, please check whether you will opt for separate or communal properties.
  • Full passports with at least 6 months validity and their corresponding copies: These will be necessary for both you and your partner.
  • Your travel visa or residence permits: Ensure you carry both originals and copies of your visitor’s permits as completed when entering the country.
  • Your birth certificates
  • Your divorce certificates or death certificates, where applicable
  • Your chest X-rays done in Mexico, if applicable, depending on the state
  • Your blood test results should be done in Mexico no more than 14 days before the marriage form application. The government runs these tests to detect syphilis and HIV and requires that you perform them while in the country.

Please note that if you want to marry a Mexican, you will require to apply for a foreign marriage certificate if you are getting married in a state that requires one. Most municipalities no longer require this documentation, but it always helps to check beforehand.

What are The Marriage Application Fees in Mexico?

The marriage license fee costs approximately $30 and takes anything from half an hour to a few days to bear fruit. For applicants marrying Mexican nationals, an additional $200 may be applicable. Following the civil ceremony, you will get a marriage certificate that will be recognizable even in the US. Please note that you should get this document apostilled in Mexico to ensure its validity back in the US. Otherwise, your document will not be regarded as genuine.

That is pretty much all you need to know about how to get married in Mexico. Are you ready to take the plunge?