How to Get Passport Same Day?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Sun Dec 3 2017

You wake up on a Monday, and your flight to Tokyo is going to leave Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, you forgot to check the expiration date on your passport months ago, and it’s no longer valid for travel. How to get a passport Same DayYou’d think it would be impossible to get a replacement in such a short time frame, right? With Travel Visa Pro’s same day passport service, we can place a new passport book in your hands by the end of the business day. Our Emergency Service provides same day passports and same day passport renewals in as little as 8 hours.

What paperwork do you need to prepare to get a same day passport processed? If you’re getting a passport book for the first time, please bring a check for $170 made out the US Department of State, two original signed letters of authorization, two copies of the same, form DS-11, and proof of US citizenship. Applicants who already hold a recently expired passport can use form DS-82. In addition, Travel Visa Pro offers its exclusive Form Filll Service to those having trouble navigating the paperwork necessary to get their applications processed. Whether you’re seeking a same day passport in NYC or wanting assistance with a visa to Vietnam, our team of travel experts will be at your side.

Getting a same day passport is easy with Travel Visa Pro. Just come to one of our nine offices around the country with the aforementioned documents. TVP’s Emergency Passport service typically costs $499 in addition to the State Department fees, but you’re purchasing more than just a passport. You don’t need to wait uneasily as you would turning in an application with a massive government agency. With Travel Visa Pro, we offer you the personal care and attention you need to feel confident in your choice.


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How to Get Passport Same Day?

Running really short on time and want to leave the complexities of travel to us? Try our Concierge Service. Travel Visa Pro team members will be available to you with personal attention from the beginning to end of the application process. Our representative will call you to go over all the requirements, pricing, and processing time to ensure that everything meets your needs. Follow up emails and calls will be made in a reasonable amount of time to ensure everything is clear. Upon receipt, we will call you to confirm all the documents have arrived safely and notify you of the estimated completion time. After delivery of your new passport, we will call you to confirm everything was received and to wish you a safe journey.

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