How to Get Your Passport Renewal Application Expedited?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Fri Sep 29 2017

We’re still in the lull period just before peak travel season begins in autumn followed closely by the winter holidays, when ticket prices are sure to go up. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to submit your passport renewal application, there’s no better one than before they start flooding in to the US Department of State.

If you are in a rush, then expedite your passport renewal application online with Travel Visa Pro.

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What do I need on my application for passport renewals?

Your passport doesn’t have to be expired for you to need a renewal. Many travels about to embark on a multi-country tour need to obtain new travel documents knowing they currently don’t have enough space for visas and stamps on their passport pages. As long as your document is undamaged enough to be accepted by immigration and was issued less than 15 years ago while you were over 16 years old, all applications can be considered.

Form DS-82: Passport Renewal Application

Applications to renew passports aren’t all unlike. Even some travelers who have held passports as a child or lost their current ones may consider this process a “renewal”, but in the eyes of the government, you may as well be applying for the first time. In the aforementioned cases, it’s necessary to use Form DS-11 as your application for renewal of passports.

For those who meet certain criteria, however, Form DS-82 is the standard passport renewal application. Compile this, along with your most recent passport, a passport-sized photo, and a fee for $110 (more if you need to expedite your application). If you’ve legally changed your name for any reason, providing supporting documentation can be included to reflect this change on your new passport.

Where can I submit my application to renew my passport?

There are a few choices once you have all your paper gathered and ready to submit. Travelers who have absolutely no time crunch before their next international departure – assuming they even have plans to leave right away – sometimes opt to send their application directly to the US Department of State through the mail. This process can take several weeks, if not months during peak season, and offers little in the way of updates.

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How to get your passport renewal application expedited?

Those who need to submit their passport renewal application for an emergency and who live near one of the 26 official regional passport offices have the option of going in person with an appointment. It is to the discretion of the staff as to when your expedited application will be returned (for an additional fee of $60 and an execution fee of $25), but they can process life and death emergency cases in even a day.

Are there any other options to send in my passport renewal application?

Of course! Travel Visa Pro’s staff has over 40 years’ experience demystifying the visa and passport application process for its clients. If you’re look for a service that provides a speedy turnaround with the kind of customer service that will make you confident when handing over your travel documents, come and see us at one of our nine offices across the US.