How to Replace a Lost Passport?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Jan 8 2018

So, you lost your passport? Let’s hope it didn’t happen while you were outside of the US (don’t worry – we still offer advice on that situation too). Because the US passport is a very powerful form of ID recognized around the world, there are different security concerns if the document has been lost or potentially stolen.


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Here is a quick guide how to replace a lost passport:

Step One: Report the Passport Missing

There are very few applications available through the US Department of State that can be submitted online, but a lost passport is one of them. If you’re in the US, replacing the passport quickly may be less of a concern, so the time between reporting and applying for a new document can be considerable.

To report your US passport missing, call the Department of State at (877) 487-2778 or 888-874-7793 for TTY. In addition, you can fill out Form DS-64 (Statement Regarding a Lost or Stolen U.S. Passport Book and/or Card) from the Department of State website and submit it by mail or through the Internet.

Step Two: How to Apply for a New Passport

If your passport was lost or stolen abroad, you may head to any US consulate or embassy in your host country with whatever form of ID you have and start the process for a replacement. In many cases, especially if you know your passport was stolen, a police report facilitates the issuance of a new document.

Consular officials may not necessarily recommend you apply for a new ten-year passport book (five years for children) if you’re not already living abroad. The loss of any other personal items like credit cards may necessitate an early departure, but embassy staff can issue an emergency passport valid for the remainder of your international trip, provided the flights are all booked and the itinerary confirmed – getting the visas to these countries is another matter, however.

If you do want to apply for a replacement passport, bring in a copy of Form DS-64 (assuming you’ve already submitted it), Form DS-11 for a new US passport, a recent passport-sized photo, proof of US citizenship (e.g. state-issued driver’s license and social security card; birth certificate), a copy of the police report showing your passport was lost or stolen, and any applicable fees. If you’re currently outside the US and cut off from any financial assistance, the consular staff may waive the fees until you’re repatriated.

Step Three: Receiving Your New Passport

Receiving a replacement passport abroad means returning to the embassy or consulate at the time specified when you turned in your application (emergency passports may be issued that same day). However, if you’re currently in the US but need to obtain a replacement passport in two weeks or less, it’s recommended you turn in Form DS-64 and the aforementioned documents in person at one of the 26 regional passport offices. You’ll have to make an appointment and pay for expedited processing (+$60), but it’s better than skipping your flight due to a missing document.

If you do have more than two weeks to replace your lost passport, you can choose to apply in person, but may want to send everything directly to the US Department of State by mail. Be advised this replacement process may take up to several weeks.

Where Travel Visa Pro Helps with Replacing your Passport

Whatever the reason your passport was lost – misplaced, stolen, damaged beyond recognition – Travel Visa Pro can help expedite the process. If you don’t live close to a regional passport agency and still need new travel documents for an upcoming trip, you can entrust them to one of our nine staffed offices across the country or any of our dozens of pick up and drop off locations located in major cities. Instead of sending out your passport application through the mail and just waiting for it to be returned, with Travel Visa Pro you can specify the time that works best for you so you can travel without the stress.

Have you recently lost your passport? What happened?