How to Rush a Passport?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Dec 4 2017

Do you have a travel-related emergency? Hopefully your flight is on time, your luggage within the size and weight restrictions, and your liquids under 100 mL, but what about the most important part of your trip, your travel documents? Here at Travel Visa Pro, we can help with expedited passport applications to make sure you arrive at the airport with a valid passport book, ready to board that flight for business or pleasure.

If you’re looking for a rush passport, the process to apply for a new one or renew an existing passport is remarkably easy with Travel Visa Pro. With one or two day’s notice, we can deliver a Next Day Passport for $349. If you need a passport rushed to you within 8 hours, our travel experts will provide our Emergency Passport service for $499. When there’s no rush to leave the country, we offer a Budget Passport service for $89. Just name your departure date and we will assist you to the best of our abilities.

If you’ve run out of visa pages and need to renew your passport, our services remain the same, from our Urgent Passport service, which can process a passport application within 2-3 business days for $229, to our Form Fill Service, assisting you with the paperwork necessary for the US Department of State. For passport renewals, we ask you fill out form DS-82 and bring it with evidence of immediate travel, two original and signed passport authorization forms, a check for $110 made out to the US Department of State, and two passport-sized photos. However, if you’re applying for your first US passport or your old one expired more than five years ago, you’ll need to fill out form DS-11 and provide proof of your US citizenship. If you need to rush your passport application with expedited service, please include a check for $170.


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How to Rush a Passport?

Whether your passport renewal is processed in an 8-hour rush or after 15 days, the book should come to reflect travel that best suits your needs. Standard books come with 28 or 52 pages and are valid for travel to all countries. Passport cards, available for a smaller fee, are primarily used for land or sea crossings between Canada and Mexico. As of January 2016, new pages may no longer allowed to be added to your existing book, so consider which box to check: 28 pages or 52 pages for 10 years.

We hope we answered the question How to Rush a Passport? and if you will have any questions, feel free and let us know!