Hurricane Sandy & How it Affects your Travel

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Oct 29 2012

Good Morning,

I would personally like to provide you with an update about the impact of hurricane Sandy in the Northeast Region. Travel Visa Pro has announced closures for our NYC and DC offices in accordance with the closures of the Federal and State governments. However, we do have a person in each office to ensure that any and all packages will be gathered and vetted. If any documents are missing you will receive a phone call or an email to ensure when governments re-open, everything is in order.


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Furthermore, any and all clients who were expecting the release of their documents today, will receive a personal phone call.

For those travelers expected to travel Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday; we will dilgently work with the Consulate in question to see if we can schedcule a release when they re-open.

As of this mornings, travelers can expect delays or supesension of services at:

  1. Airports
  2. Fed Ex shipping facilities
  3. UPS facilities
  4. USPS facilities
  5. Closures at the Federal Level
  6. Embassies and Consulates are closed

Our customer service team and emergency phone line are operational. I implore any and all travelers with questoins or concerns to call 1 866 378 1722 to discuss your case.

As more information becomes available, I will provide all with an update. Please remember Travel Visa Pro is committed to providing excellent customer service and meeting your travel needs.