Indian Passport Renewal in US

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Thu Apr 5 2018

The US is a melting pot with residents living and working here from all around the world. The diversity of the country means that you can find a lot of international services around various parts of the US. People in the US from India can actually get their Indian passport renewed right in the US. Indian passport renewal in the US can be done a few ways.


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For many countries, passports are renewed through a country’s embassy or consulate offices located in the US. India’s process is unique. They recently outsourced their passport operations to a private company called CKGS. You’ll now have to go through this company to renew your Indian passport in the US. This site works in collaboration with the official embassy of India.

Now that you’re not dealing directly with the Indian embassy or consulate offices, it’s actually must simpler to get your Indian passport renewed. Before, you had a choice of visiting the Indian offices or mailing in your application. Those who were located near to the offices definitely had an easier time of getting their Indian passport renewed since you could just drop in to apply for it. People that weren’t so close to the Indian embassy only had the option of mailing in their application.

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Now that the Indian passport services are consolidated under the outsourced company, there is only one place where you have to submit your documents. Getting your Indian passport renewal in the US is done in two parts. CKGS has an online portal for you to complete and submit online responses. After finishing this online portion of the application process, you will have the option of visiting the passport center in person or shipping it. CKGS has centers that manage specific regions of the US. The office that you’ll have to visit or ship to is based on where your application was submitted from.

What Do I Need to Get an Indian Passport Renewal in the US?

Getting your Indian Passport renewal in the US is a similar process to getting a US passport. As mentioned, you will need to complete an online application. To complete this form correctly, you’ll have to have your original Indian passport with you. You’ll also need the details of your legal US status. Minors applying for their passport will also need to submit their parents or guardian. With the online form, you can either submit online or print and mail in with other materials. You’ll also need to send in a photo for the actual passport.

Why Do I Have to Get My Indian Passport Renewed?

There are many rules that apply to having and using a passport. These rules are important to keep in mind for you to know whether you’ll need to get your Indian passport renewed or not. Luckily there is a way to renew your Indian passport while in the US. If it happens to expire while you are still in the US, you can easily get a new one.

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There are a few major specifications to your passport that it must pass in order to be considered valid. If it doesn’t follow either of the requirements, you will have to get it renewed. The first point is the expiration date. Indian passports have a life of ten years. After 10 years is over, you have to get a new one. Even if it hasn’t expired yet, you still have to have more than two months remaining on your passport before the expiration. This is to be sure that it won’t expire while you’re out traveling. Also, there has to be enough blank pages for passport visa stamps. Lastly, the overall condition of the passport must presentable. This means to minimize the wear and tear on it.

Traveling to and from India is very popular from the US. Whether it’s for business purposes or general tourism, there are plenty of reasons to go to India. With the ties between the countries, there are a lot of Indian citizens living and working in the US. They no longer have to worry about their passports expiring. You can easily get your Indian passport renewed in the US.

India has upgraded a lot of their travel services to be able to operate with online capabilities. The new way of getting your passport renewed as well as even the visa application has an online version. Although you can still find the offices, you do not have to visit the Indian embassy or consulates to renew your Indian passport.

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