Indian Visa Costs and Fees

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Fri Feb 2 2018

US citizens planning a trip to India must obtain a visa prior to departure. Although embassies and consulates for India do accept applications in person, Americans have qualified for e-visas to India since 2015. There are three types currently available online: tourist, business, and medical.


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Simplifying and expediting your visa to India

If you want simple and hassle-free visa service, Travel Visa Pro can ensure that your application is submitted in plenty of time and you will receive your visa in advance of your trip. This service gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus your time on the more interesting aspects of vacation planning. Just visit one of our nine offices in the US or drop off your application at a pick up and drop off location in your area or apply for Indian visa online here.

How long can I stay in India?

If you are planning on staying in India for less than 60 days then you are eligible to apply for an electronic visa. Those needing to stay anywhere from six months to ten years should apply in person. You will have to apply at least four working days before you plan to travel as it can take several days for the visa to be processed and to show up on the system. Once your visa is approved, print it out, present it to immigration along with your passport, and you’re ready to explore India.

Although you can apply for a tourist visa just four days before your date of travel, it is highly recommended that you begin the application process three or four weeks before your departure. Delays are very common and this timeframe will guarantee that the visa is approved in time and you’ll be all set to travel. If you have already booked your trip then it is always best to complete the visa application as early as possible just to avoid any possible issues and save yourself from a great deal of stress later on.

You can apply for a tourist visa to India up to 120 days in advance. Due to demand, some consulates to India in the US experience longer processing times than others depending on the time of year and number of applications.

Indian visa costs and fees for US citizens

When you’re applying for an e-visa to India, you have the option of paying immediately with a credit card or delaying your payment. However, all bills must be settled at least four days prior to your arrival in India – make a note of the date change if you’re flying across an ocean.

The cost for a visa to India is $60, non-refundable, regardless of whether your application is disqualified from entry. Of course, some bank and online fees apply as well. Your online payment should be processed in four hours, and your e-visa approved and sent out within 72 hours. The approved visa will be emailed to you and should then be printed and shown at immigration when you arrive in India.

Other concerns with traveling to India

Travelers in India received a bit of a shock last year when the government declared its two largest banknotes would be invalid overnight. Many in the country found themselves without cash or the ability to get more (the ATMs didn’t dispense smaller notes). Taking the time to register your trip with the US Department of State and investing in travel insurance is a must to ensure fewer hiccups abroad.

If you need to renew or replace your passport after having already applied for an e-visa, then you’ll need to first get a new passport – go to Travel Visa Pro for emergency same-day service – and apply for a new e-visa with the new passport number and information.

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