Indian Visa Requirements for US citizens

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Thu Aug 31 2017

If youre planning on traveling to India, youre likely trying to figure out what paperwork you need to fill out in order to obtain a visa. Before you hop aboard your flight, youll need to have both a valid passport and an Indian visa in your possession. To obtain an Indian visa, youll need to have a passport thats valid for at least six months beyond your trips duration. There must be two blank pages available for your visa stamps, not including the amendment pages in the back of your passport. Your passport must be signed, and you should have a photocopy of your passport information as well as your signature when you apply for your visa. Youll also need to show proof of state residency with your application. The easiest way to do this is to include a copy of your state ID or drivers license, but a copy of your most recent major utility bill (gas, water, electricity, or sewage) or a copy of your current lease, with both landlord and tenant signatures, may also be accepted.

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You must fill out an Indian Visa Application Form in order to obtain a visa. The application can be accessed online through the Indian governments official website by clicking Regular Visa Application.Make sure you sign both pages of the form. Your signature should go under the photo on the first page as well as at the bottom of the second page. Your applications signature must match that of your passport. Ensure that the Present Address” listed on your application is accurate, as that is where your passport will be shipped back to. At the top of your application, youll see a Temporary Application ID. Make sure you save this ID! If you exit the application form without saving, your information will be lost. Youll need to enter your Application ID to return to an application youve already started or to reprint a completed application. Be sure to print the application form once youve completed it! Make sure you also identify the proper Indian Mission based on your place of residence. You will be required to select the appropriate embassy or consulate that is assigned to process visas for your location. Be sure to review any jurisdictions that might detail additional instructions and requirements based on where you live.

Supporting Documents

If your invitation to visit was made by a company in India or your trip is being sponsored by a company in India, you must include a copy of a Certification of Incorporation and/or Letter of Invitation. These must be signed by an appropriate member of the sponsoring company. Letters of Invitation must detail the relationship between the company and the applicant and explain the reason for travel. This information must mirror the information provided on the application form and in any other supporting documents. The letter should be signed and sealed by a member of the sponsoring company in India. If your trip is being sponsored by a company based in the United States, youll need to include a Business Cover Letter. This is a signed letter from your employer or an appropriate member of the sponsoring company that indicates your employment status, details your position, and explains your reason for traveling. There must be sufficient contact information included for each of the organizations you intend to visit during your stay. This letter also needs to detail the validity of the visa you applied for and express who will be financially responsible for your accommodations.

If you applied for a 5 year or 10 year visa, this letter needs to explain the reasoning for any future trips. All information provided in this letter must
mirror the information provided on the application form and in any other supporting documents. Visa validity will be determined at the sole discretion of the Indian Consulate. Indian visas are typically issued for 6 months, 12 months, 60 months (5 years), or 120 months (10 years). The application form asks for your visa
s duration in months, and the number of months you enter must match one of the options available, as previously listed. The Indian Consulate may otherwise adjust the time up or down to the nearest validity option, and fees or new applications may be required if you enter an incorrect number of months. You will be responsible for the fee that is to be paid once your visas validity is determined by the Indian Consulate.

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Applicants of Indian Origin

Indian nationals who obtain citizenship with another country must surrender their Indian citizenship within three years as required by the government. If you fail to renounce your citizenship within that time frame, you will be charged a $250 penalty by the Indian Consulate, and this fee will only be waived if your most recent Indian passport expired prior to January 1, 2005. A fee of $250 will also be charged for any and all cases of Indian passport misuse – that is, if youve used your Indian passport to travel after three months of acquiring citizenship with another country. These fees can add up to a maximum penalty of $1,250 and must be paid in addition to any other visa application and/or renunciation fees. If your Indian passport was renewed after you obtained U.S. citizenship, you will be charged an additional $500. As proof of renunciation, you must include either an approved Certificate of Renunciation issued by the Indian Consulate or a copy of your canceled Indian passport, which must contain a stamp that states that its cancellation was due to the acquisition of U.S. or foreign citizenship. Make sure you review any jurisdictions based on your place of residence, as you might be required to fill out additional documents. You should also ensure that, based on your time of naturalization, you have all of the necessary supporting paperwork to go along with your visa application.

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