Mexico Passport Requirements

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Nov 27 2017

It seems like it would be relatively simple to prepare for an international trip if the country is exceptionally close, but US citizens can still be unclear about some of the entry requirements of their neighbors, like Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico. On top of everything else you need to do to prepare for your journey – booking flights, arranging hotels – there’s also the matter of ensuring the documents you have are valid for travel, especially when you’re short on time and barely have a moment to pack a suitcase. Keep reading and learn about Mexico passport requirements.


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What travel documents grant US citizens access to Mexico?

Not too long ago Americans could walk across the border at Buffalo, El Paso, and Del Rio with only their state-issued driver’s licenses without any problems, but security concerns have made that impossible. Nowadays, either a passport book or card is required for entry to Mexico depending on the method of travel and length of stay.

Both passport books and cards are valid as forms of identification and proof of US citizenship in Mexico. However, passport books are always required when flying into Mexico City or any other port of entry. Passport cards can be accepted for those traveling by land or sea providing their stay doesn’t exceed six months; in this case, they’ll need a visa stamped in a passport book. Though cruise lines will accept passport cards for entry into Mexico and other Caribbean islands, many require their passengers have a valid book in the event they need to be evacuated.

The good news is Americans can get more out of their passports if they consistently travel to Mexico. Our neighbor to the south has no minimum validity requirements – unlike other countries, which usually demand at least six months – so travelers can come in for a few days even if their passport expires the next week. Both ten-year passport books and cards for adults and five-year ones for children can be used up until the expiration date. So what are Mexico Passport Requirements?

So What are Mexico Passport Requirements?

US citizens can travel to Mexico for up to six months without a visa, with the exception of work and other business which may require one. Because of this possibility, immigration at Mexico asks that all US passport holders have at least one blank page in their book for stamps.

Registering your trip to Mexico

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