Necessary passport documents for passport applications and renewals

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Apr 24 2017

As we enter the summer, the peak of the travel season, passport applications may be backed up at the US Department of State as they pour in from across the country. Even if you’re an experienced traveler with more stamps in her passport than states in the US, navigating the bureaucracy to apply for a new passport book or even renewing an existing one can be quite a challenge: what documents do you need to apply for a new passport? Of these passport documents, are there any special or extenuating circumstances requiring more or less work for yourself?


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Documents for Passport Renewal

Let’s start with the easy one. You already have a valid US passport and need a new one. There are many reasons why: many countries ask for at least two blank pages for entry, and immigration is notorious for spacing out stamps instead of lumping them all together. Maybe the ten-year mark is approaching and you know you need at least six months’ validity to travel to almost anywhere else.

So, what exactly do you need to renew your US passport in person or by mail?

1. Form DS-82. This form may only be used for passport renewals. Passport documents and Form DS-11 must be filed for a new passport

2. Most recent US Passport. You will receive both passport documents back, but must submit your current passport book if it hasn’t been lost, damaged, or stolen. If it has, you must follow the same procedure as applying for a new US passport (see below).

3. Include Name Change Documents. Obviously this only applies if you have legally changed your name or had your surname changed due to marriage, divorce, adoption, emancipation, or otherwise.

4. Photo. All photographs sent in with your other passport documents must be printed on photo quality paper, measuring 2×2 inches in size.

5. Payment. Standard passport processing fees are $110, or $170 for expedited service in the form of a check or money order.

Documents for New Passport

Though you may not necessarily applying for your first US passport, you must submit the documents below in person (or through a licensed agency like Travel Visa Pro) if your last passport was damaged, lost or stolen, you are under the age of 16, you were under the age of 16 when your last US passport was issued, or if your last US passport was issued more than fifteen years ago.

1. Form DS-11. This can only be used for the conditions as stated above. If you have your previous passport undamaged and issued within fifteen after the age of 16, you should use form DS-82 to apply for a passport renewal.

2. Evidence of US Citizenship. You can use a passport issued over fifteen years ago as proof of your US citizenship, provided it is undamaged. Otherwise, the acceptable passport documents for proof of citizenship are: US birth certificate that was issued by the city, county, or state of birth and lists your full name, date of birth, and place of birth in addition to your parents’ full names, dated and signed by the registrar and bears the seal of the issuing authority – the long-form birth certificate. If you were born abroad, you must include the Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certification of Birth, Certificate of Naturalization, or Certificate of Citizenship.

2. Copy of Evidence of US Citizenship.

3. Current ID. The same expired US passport may be used for a current form of ID. Otherwise, state-issued driver’s licenses or foreign passports are acceptable.

4. Copy of Current ID

5. Photo. All photographs sent in with your other passport documents must be printed on photo quality paper, measuring 2×2 inches in size.

6. Special Circumstances. The requirements above apply in most situations. However, children under 16, children aged 16-17, previous passport holders whose documents were lost or stolen, those who owe more than $2500 in child support, those who are requesting a gender designation change, and official, diplomatic, or other special issuance passport holders should provide additional documentation.

7. Payment. Standard processing fees for a new US passport are $110 in the form of a check or money order. In addition, an Execution Fee of $25 is added for all in-person appointments.

Are all the documents for your passport prepared? Have you decided if you need a passport book for 28 or 52 pages?

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