What do I need to renew my passport?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Sep 25 2017

Tackling the passport renewal application isn’t for everyone. Just as some people have an aversion to technology, or animals, or hot weather, there are many seasoned travelers out there who simply want nothing to do with application forms and bureaucracy.

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Unfortunately, doing so is simply part of the reality of being an international traveler. Whether you’re applying for a visa on arrival in Shanghai, filling out the customs form in the United Kingdom, or writing down your passport information for a last-minute renewal, the process can be a little daunting. You may be asking yourself “What do I need to renew my passport?”


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Documents you need to renew passports

To renew your passport through the mail-in method, you’ll need to have your original passport, expired for no more than 15 years. Non-expired passports may be renewed for any reason, but the most common one would be pages full of visas and entry stamps.

In addition, all applications need to include Form DS-82 for passport renewals, a check or money order for $110 made out to the US Department of State, a passport-sized photo, and any documents that may be necessary to prove a name change.

What do I need to renew my passport in person?

Renewing your US passport at one of the 26 regional offices is usually only done if there’s an emergency or need to expedite your application. Nevertheless, many travelers choose this method because it’s faster and requires only a little additional paperwork. On top of the application form and passport photo, applicants must pay a $110 fee for process, $60 for expediting the application, and a $25 Execution Fee. Proof of immediate travel may also be required to determine how quickly officials need to renew passports.

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When do I need to renew my passport?

This question should be first and foremost on every traveler’s mind before an international trip. Mailing in a passport renewal is relatively simple, but the document may not be returned for several weeks, if not more. Applying at a passport agency can decrease the wait time, but this is dependent on the backlog of applications and your travel plans.

When do I need to renew my passport? With Travel Visa Pro, the answer is “whenever you want”. Our trained team of travel staff can process passport renewal applications in as little as eight hours if you’re based in one of the nine cities across the US where our offices are located. Even if you’re not, we accept applications by mail and can expedite your application if your flight is leaving soon.

Don’t let your application be just another number. When you need personal care and concern over your passport, trust in Travel Visa Pro!