New Visas Available for Entrepreneurs in Thailand

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Tue Sep 12 2017

Digital nomads are increasing in numbers as more companies offer employees the opportunity to work remotely and many seek to escape high rent and housing prices in major US cities. By and large, many countries are legally unprepared for this influx of workers coming in on temporary tourist visas; even if your company is based abroad, you should still pay taxes and have a visa for the appropriate work category. Right now, this is a grey area for countries in Asia with low Acosts of living attracting US citizens like Vietnam, Indonesia, and The Philippines.

thailand visa 1 - New Visas Available for Entrepreneurs in Thailand


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Thankfully, Thailand has now unveiled its plan to meet this demand. Set to be released in January 2018, Smart Visas can be obtained by visitors to the land of smiles for up to a four-year stay. US citizens are normally allowed up to 30 days with a tourist visa on arrival, or 60 days if they apply at a Thai embassy or consulate.

Targeted to skilled professionals and investors, this visa will only require checking in with immigration every year as opposed to the standard 90 days by those who renew their stays or make visa runs to Cambodia, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Though not specifically designed for those working remotely, the arrival of this visa has been heralded by many as Thailand’s answer for digital nomads.

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