Passport Renewal Process

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Tue Sep 19 2017

If you’re the type of traveler who has let others handle your flight plans, make hotel reservations on your behalf, and gather the documents needed for passports, visas, and anything related, you might be curious about the passport renewal process from start to finish.

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Passport Renewal Process

You don’t have to have an expired passport to renew it. Adult passports have 52 pages and are valid for ten years, children have five-year passports, and there are limited validity passports for emergencies and second passports. Despite the options available, some passports can’t always be used for the duration intended; many countries require at least two blank pages for entry, meaning if your passport book is mostly full of visas and stamps, even if you have 1, 4, or 6 years’ validity remaining, it’s necessary to renew it.

Process for Renewing Passport

Once you recognize that your document needs to be replaced, what’s the next step? The first thing to consider is how much time you have before you need the passport renewal process to be finished. Sending in your application by mail through the US Department of State reduces fees – no $25 Execution Fee required for in-person applications – but may take several weeks to process.

Do you need a passport renewal within a week? By the next business day? Three weeks, with no margin for error? Choosing expedited passport processing may be the best option.

Expedited Passport Processing at Travel Visa Pro

If you need to start the passport renewal process in a hurry, there’s no better place to look than Travel Visa Pro. With nine offices across the United States filled with specially trained travel experts, our signature 8-hour passport renewal service is available to anyone who makes an appointment. In addition, TVP has expedited passport processing for renewals for the next business day and anytime up to twenty business days if you have time to wait.

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What to Expect When the Passport Renewal Process is Completed

Once you receive your shiny new passport, you need to do a few things to ensure your travels remain stress free. First, apply your signature to the information page and write your address in pencil. Second, remember to include the new passport information in any existing reservations you may have: expiration date, name change, number.

Finally, though some countries accept valid visas in expired passports, many require that the stamps be officially transferred or applied for again at a consulate or embassy. Chinese visas may be used in expired passports, but if you’re planning to travel and need expedited passport processing, it’s best to wait until you have your new document to apply for visas.