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Happy Halloween – New Drop off and Pick Up Service from Travel Visa Pro

Don’t let travel stop you from enjoying getting dressed up for Halloween. Seasoned travelers know just how to show their spirit in the appropriate costume. Or you could go for something scarier… like a passport valid for only one more day.

Drama between the US and Turkey leads to visa ban

As of October 8th, US citizens may no longer apply for visas of any kind to Turkey for any reason; tourism, working, studying, and business are off limits. Those who already have a valid Turkish visa for a future trip will be permitted entry, and as of this writing, their flight routes will continue. However, international ports popular with flights transiting from the US will be on alert to check for valid visas.

In a statement by the Turkish Embassy in Washington DC, an official announced:

“Effective immediately we have suspended all visa services regarding the U.S. citizens at our diplomatic and consular missions in the U.S. This measure will apply to sticker visas as well as e-Visas and border visas.”

Real ID Act will soon be enforced for many US states

Over twenty US states have asked for a grace period to bring them up to speed before the Real ID Act takes effect. For certain residents, that means no longer being able to use a state driver’s license when presenting identification to any federal agency like the TSA. Some states like Texas already require proof of residency or US citizenship – passport, birth certificate, visa, permanent resident card, employment authorization card – when applying for a driver’s license.

However, others are being caught off guard with the enforcement of this act, despite the fact it was passed back in 2005. Many are asking for and being granted grace periods until such time as state-issued identification standards are changed to meet these requirements. As a reminder, Travel Visa Pro can help issue passport books and cards that qualify as valid identification under the Real ID Act.

New TVP offices launch with drop-off and pick-up service

Starting November 1st, Travel Visa Pro will offer drop-off and pick-up services in ten new offices across the country: Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Austin, San Diego, Dallas, Detroit, and San Antonio. Like the nine staffed offices currently in use, these locations will offer visa and passport services like document review and consultations in addition to a local address and number. Those needing to save on shipping can simply drop off their applications and paperwork at one of these offices and receive the same expedited service and excellent customer care.