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Travel Visa Pro Newsletter, November 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from Travel Visa Pro

We know traveling during the holidays can be particularly stressful with weather and jam-packed airports, so we hope you reach your destinations safely and quickly, wherever they may be. As November winds down, we at Travel Visa Pro would like to thank our clients for their continued business. It’s not always easy to admit you need help when it comes to settling your visas and passports for international travel, so we appreciate you choosing TVP.

Real ID Act will soon be enforced for many US states

Residents in twenty-two US states may find their driver’s licenses will no longer be valid for domestic air travel once the Real ID Act takes effect. Essentially, any state that does not require proof of residency or citizenship when applying for a license means this ID will soon be unacceptable to any federal agency like the TSA.

Some states already have these requirements, while Alaska, California, Idaho, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Washington, and Virginia have been granted an extension until next October to bring their system up to date. Meanwhile, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New York, and Rhode Island are still scheduled to have this law enforced starting January 22nd.

As a reminder, passport cards are an acceptable form of identification under the Real ID Act and cost only a fraction of passport books. Travel Visa Pro is happy to offer a 25% discounts for residents of the five states not given a grace period when applying for a passport book or card. Please use the code IDACT at checkout until January 22nd.

Ten more TVP offices across the country for pick up and drop off services

This month, we’re proud to announce we’re opening additional pick up and drop off locations in ten new cities across the country: Sacramento, Denver, Portland, Minneapolis, San Jose, Phoenix, Orlando, Tucson, Tampa, and Las Vegas. October saw more of these locations open in Texas and New England. Like the nine staffed offices currently in use, pick-up and drop-off TVP locations will offer visa and passport services like document review and consultations in addition to a local address and number. Those needing to save on shipping can simply drop off their applications and paperwork at one of these offices and receive the same expedited service and excellent customer care.

Travel Visa Pro Gift Cards Available Soon

To reward our clients’ business and prepare them for all the holiday travel that’s sure to follow Thanksgiving, we at Travel Visa Pro are happy to offer gift cards starting on Black Friday and running through Christmas Day. Reward your loved ones with the gift of a new passport, so your granddaughters can have their first trip to Europe and you can take that island escape with your spouses. Kick your holidays off with TVP’s Black Friday Passport Gift Card Event and start traveling internationally!

For any amount you purchase on a gift card, TVP will add a percentage of the number of days remaining until the deal ends. So, if there are 33 days left until Christmas, we’ll add 33% of your total to your card! To buy a gift card, please go to www.travelvisapro.com/payment, enter the amount you wish to add, and use the code CHRISTMAS under the reference number for us to gift you a percentage of your total. Though the gift cards are only being sold until 11:59 PM on December 24th, they will be valid until December 31st, 2018.

Shipping During The Holiday Season

We have reached the pinnacle end of the year where the days are becoming short, in some parts of the country temperatures are drastically falling, and the holidays are coming. This is an important part of the year for all and nothing is more important to Travel Visa Pro than ensuring that your passport is safe.

As we get more into the holiday season you can expect unexpected closures, delayed openings, and other inconveniences, which are out of everyone’s control. Travel Visa Pro will monitor all embassies and consulates and advise when these closures may happen.

About 90% of the annual shipping across the United States is done from Black Friday to New Year’s Eve and it is during this time many packages are lost, wrongly delivered, or just simply disappear. Therefore, when you order with Travel Visa Pro, it is very important that no matter what courier service you use – FedEx, UPS, USPS – you receive a tracking number. Because there are so many packages being shipped around the world, we highly recommend paying $30 for priority overnight shipping to ensure your loved ones’ passports make it under the Christmas tree in time.