Do You Need a Passport to Go to Nassau?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Thu Mar 17 2022

Bahamas’ capital Nassau is located in the Caribbean Sea. The city of hills and beaches is known for its coral reefs offshore and is a popular stop for cruise ships. Once you visit Nassau, there is a lot more to do, eat, live, and enjoy. To get the comfort and luxury feel you can stay at the best resort in Nassau named SLS Baha Mar, Rosewood Baha Mar, and sandy port beach resort.

A Nassau Harbor bridge connects it to Paradise Island, located near New Providence. This article will introduce you to the Nassau entry requirements that are required to visit that heavenly place. Let’s go through the article to know more.

Do You Need a Passport to Go to Nassau?

It is not compulsory to carry a passport for Nassau, however, it will be helpful if you keep it with yourself.

If you plan to visit Nassau, Bahamas, a Bahamas visa is also needed. It will be essential that your passport is valid for at least six (6) months beyond the travel dates of departing for The Nassau. Your visit must also be supported by a return or onward ticket and proof of funds.

Nassau Entry Requirements for U.S. Citizens

Yes, a passport is required to travel to Nassau. You should carry your other documents such as your birth certificate, your permanent resident card, and a valid passport from your country of origin. Travelers need to display a visa to visit Nassau that must be valid for at least 3 to 6 months beyond departure from the nation.
Civilians from other nations apart from the USA are requested to carry their passports valid up to your travel period. You are not required to have any tourist or business visa if you have gone for a meeting or any other official trip.

Covid-19 Protocol

You must show your covid test report, which should not be more than 72 hours old. You must be fully vaccinated and required to obtain a covid-19 negative test report. Travelers who are under 12 years are allowed to come without vaccination. While traveling to Nassau, and once you arrive, you need to follow covid protocols such as wearing masks, keeping your hands sanitized, and maintaining social distancing and other health monitoring procedures.

Will My Phone Work in Nassau?

Your cell phone will work there appropriately with international roaming. It may be possible in some instances you face the problem of low network and mobile data. There will be extra international roaming charges applied for data usage, calls, and SMS. Either you can use cloud-based SIMs or rely on public Wi-Fi to stay connected through your phone. Most Bahamian towns consist of cafes providing free Wi-Fi or may charge for that.

What is a currency in Nassau?

Officially, the currency operated in Nassau is the Bahamian dollar. You can use the American dollars too. Travelers can spend money through Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, and debit cards are also acceptable.