Do You Need a Passport to Go to Canada?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Tue Sep 13 2022

The great outdoors of Canada call to anyone who wants to kick back and relax. Surrounded by secluded lakes and forests with a backdrop of mountains, you can destress in a natural, safe, and clean environment. But that’s not all Canada has to offer. It also boasts a multicultural setting in its cosmopolitan cities, where you can indulge in various cuisines, explore Canadian culture, and participate in various events and festivals. Is your interest piqued? You might ask, “Do you need a passport to go to Canada?” We have the answer:


Do You Need a Passport to Go to Canada?

Before 2009, American citizens could cross the Canadian border with a driver’s license. However, times have changed, and you now need a WHTI-compliant document to enter Canada. Please note that the necessary document depends on how you wish to travel to Canada.

  1. By Air: Per international air travel standards, all travelers to Canada by air must possess a valid passport book which should be valid on the entry date. While this does not limit passport validity, it’s always best to have at least 6 months left on your passport to account for any delays during your trip. TVP can expedite a passport renewal for you.
  2. By Road or Sea: If you’re planning to reach Canada via road or sea, you do not need to have a passport book. Instead, you can use your passport card, a NEXUS/ SENTRI/ FAST card, or a REAL ID. Please note that while these documents will allow you entry and exit from Canada, it’s always good to have a passport book. That way, you can catch a flight out of Canada if an emergency arises.

Not everyone requires a passport when entering Canada. Exceptions arise in the case of:

  • People on closed-loop cruises: These are cruises that depart from and return to the same port in America. In this case, you will need an acceptable ID such as a REAL ID or a trusted traveler’s card. Even so, the passport requirement comes down to the cruise line and if you will venture far beyond the port towns. We still advise you to have a passport book in case of emergencies.
  • Children under 16 years: You can carry their naturalization/ birth/ citizenship certificates as these will suffice as ID means. If you are not the primary guardian or parent, you should also carry notarized letters of consent from their parents or guardians. Please note that these certificates will not enable the children to travel by air, and they will thus have to use land or sea travel modes.

If you need to process a passport for an impending trip to Canada, you can get one by contacting our agents via +1-833-TVP-VISA (887-8472).

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Can US Citizens Travel to Canada?

Canada and the U.S. have friendly relations, and U.S. citizens can travel to Canada. What’s more, those traveling as tourists can remain in Canada for up to 180 days without a visa.


Canada Entry Requirements for US Citizens

Entry into Canada hinges for a short-term stay on two things:

  1. That you have proper identification, e.g., a passport book, a REAL ID, etc., and
  2. That you are criminally admissible: This applies to people with criminal convictions. You may want to check if you can gain entry to Canada if you have a criminal record.

If you wish to stay longer than this or want to travel for other reasons, you will need to process a visa. In that case, you may need additional documents such as proof of financial means, a flight itinerary, an employment contract, etc.


What Is the Currency in Canada?

Did you know that Canadians also use dollars? Their currency is known as the Canadian dollar. American money is not acceptable in Canada, and you will need to convert your funds.


Will My Phone Work in Canada?

Your phone can work in Canada in two ways:

  1. Getting a Canadian SIM card – Great options are TrueMove H, T-Mobile, AT&T,
  2. Buying an international plan under your cell phone provider, e.g., Verizon Wireless.

You can also use WIFI if you will stay at a hotel.