How to Renew an Expired US Passport?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Sat Sep 17 2022

An expired passport is not valid or acceptable as a form of ID when leaving or entering the country. And while your passport may still be valid now, a delay in your destination country could result in the expiry of the document, thus stranding you abroad. Moreover, most countries will not issue visas to people with fewer than 6 months of validity on their passports. That’s why we advise all our clients to renew their passports close to their expiry date to avoid such inconveniences.


How to Renew an Expired US Passport?

How to renew an expired passport? Renewing a passport is easy. We will need the following documents from you:

  1. The current passport: It should be in good condition (undamaged) and should have expired fewer than 5 years ago,
  2. Two photos: These photos should have a passport format and be identical and colored. Ensure that your face is clear and that you are not wearing glasses or a hairstyle that covers your face. When applying through our website, we allow you to upload digital photos, which we then process for the renewal application, and
  3. A complete DS-82 form: This passport renewal form is important as it entails your details and is integral to the application process. If you need help filling out the form, please let us know, and one of our agents will step in with instructions. We also provide form-filling services such that all you do is present your passport and photos, and the agent takes care of the rest of the work.

We also require you to sign a letter of authorization stating that you have mandated us to process your passport renewal on your behalf. Ensure that you sign it in blue or black ink for it to be acceptable at the state department. Once you have all these requirements, all you do is follow the prompts on our website, where you can choose your state. This way, we will direct you to the nearest TVP office where you can deliver your documents. We also offer concierge services allowing you to kick back and allow us to do the bulk of the work.

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How to Renew an Expired Passport Quickly?

We understand that some of our clients are on a time crunch and cannot wait the standard processing times. That’s why we offer expedited services in all states. All you need to do is prepare your documents (passport, DS-82 form, and photos) and reach out to us via 833-TVP-VISA (917-671-0728). Once you state that yours is an expedition service, we will prioritize your application and will ensure that you have your passport renewed quickly.


How Long Does It Take to Renew an Expired Passport?

How long does it take to renew an expired passport? Standard processing times at the department of state can take weeks to months. Of course, this can be quite an inconvenience to people who wish to leave the country within a predetermined period.

Thankfully, you do not need to wait this long when processing your renewal with TVP. We have tailored various packages with different processing times to cater to everyone who uses our services. Thus, if you are in a hurry, you can choose to expedite your renewal by placing a rush or emergency order, or you can use one of our packages which takes days to complete. If time is on your side, we offer packages that take days to weeks to complete.

Choosing a specific package is as easy as choosing your home state and detailing how soon you want the passport processed. You can also save time by utilizing our concierge and form-filling services, where an agent takes care of the entire process and delivers the ready passport.


How Long After a Passport Expires Can You Renew It?

How long after a passport expires can you renew it? Luckily, you do not need to renew your passport the minute it expires. The government gives you a grace period of up to 5 years from the expiry date. However, this only applies to 10-year passports and not to temporary or child passports. In the latter cases, you will need to apply for a new passport rather than a passport renewal. TVP deals with all passport needs and can help you obtain a new passport in no time!