Saudi Arabia Work Visas FAQs Part 1The Passport

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Fri Apr 11 2014

Hello All-

It sure has been awhile and for that I do apologize. Many things have been in the works at Travel Visa Pro and unfortunately blog writing has taken a back seat. However, we will try and pick up where we left off about Saudi Arabian work visas.

This will be a four part entry which will break down the four most important components of the work visa process and is more or less mirrored as a FAQ.

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Okay so lets get to it:

The first step in the process is the passport. In fact it might be the single most important component.


 How long does my passport need to be valid for?

  • You must be in possession of a valid US passport and have at least 6 months of validity from the time you will enter Saudi Arabia in order to be eligible for a KSA work visa.

What if my passport has been renewed since starting the visa application process?

  • You must submit the passport which your employer in KSA has on file to process the Saudi Arabia visa
  • If you need to change/renew your passport, please notify one of our Saudi Arabian Specialists ASAP

All the visa pages in my passport already have stamps on them, what do I do?

  • Your passport must have TWO side by side adjacent pages AND they cannot be the amendment pages
  • We can assist you in having additional pages added to your passport; this will not affect any of the information need to process your application, however additional services fees may be applied.

Do I need to write in any of the information in the first four (4) pages of my passport?

  • Your passport must be signed on the line above “signature of bearer.” If it is unsigned, it will be returned back to you for signing

What if my passport has been damaged?

  • Your passport MUST be in good condition and if we deem it unacceptable for processing, you will be required to renew your passport

I am currently outside the United States or need to travel outside the United States,

  • You MUST be in the USA or at least show a USA entry stamp at the time you apply for your employment visa

Do I need to send my actual passport or just a copy?

  • You need to send your actual passport as your visa will be affixed to the passport pages

I hope the above information is useful and helps with your questions. As always I am here to help with your questions. Stay tuned for Part 2 which will discuss the ubiquitous Saudi Arabia Medical test.