Traveling by car? Name that I will remember…

The evening had concluded with the last dance with my uncle while my cousin danced with his new bride. I was lost in those exhilarating memories when it happened.


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It was a dark and stormy night. A little two-lane highway without any visibility, plenty of big trees towering overhead were the backdrop when the lightning and thunder were right on top of me. The pounding of rain shook the car ever so gently.

The car must have slipped or slid, and there I was turned around in a ditch. How I missed hitting any trees was a miracle, it seemed. I could barely see beyond the car’s hood.

Fortunately we found this towing company that took me from distressed, anxious, and scared, and rescued me. How they found me so quickly is just part of their expertise. How they got through that storm effortlessly to me, I will never know.

When I called they calmed me down a bit and refocused me on the relevant details of my big old SUV so they could determine whether I needed a flatbed for my vehicle. That’s all just a part of my awesome experience with Towing Less.

They talked me through the difficult situation with grace. They reassured me that I was not the only person to ever have a problem with mother nature and my car. They said they were seeing a lot of people contending with the elements that night and that the important thing was that I was alright.

We determined that a tow would get me out of the muck and mire, and then we would see if the car would operate. They told me to sit tight and stay safely in the vehicle until they got to me.

It turned out to be smart advice because I saw another car skid down the road, and while not stranded, it happened right where my wheels had left the road earlier.

My awesome experience with them did not end there. When they did arrive, we decided it would be best to get the vehicle back home that night. It would be a few hours but well worth it once they got me all hooked up to the truck.

The price was very fair as well and was comforting. While I had not factored in a tow truck expense into the wedding, I did feel better knowing what accounted for the towing costs. It turns out they have a reasonable system in that they charge for the type of hookup and then the miles driven.

It is simpler that way and makes it very clear what I am paying for in a tow service. The added benefit was that I was able to search online about the company while I waited for the tow driver. They had many glowing reviews online. I was not the only one by any means.

Although, I was fortunate to have chosen them on my first instance of needing a tow truck. It made the event a lot less stressful, and I recommend Best Tow Truck Near Me to everyone I meet.

By Tom D.

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