Traveling: Two Ways

During the course of one’s lifetime, he or she will usually have numerous chances to travel. The first step of traveling is to determine the destination. Sometimes, this step is already decided if the trip is not for a vacation. The second step of people’s travels is the process of booking the means of transportation and lodging for their future endeavors. The third step of planning for the vacation is to determine which activities the person will be carrying out while they are on his or her trip. Lastly, the final step is the process of packing their belongings for the trip. This could even involve purchasing new items needed for an unconstrained trip. That being said, not everyone is going to be the same in these four areas of traveling. There are going to be the organized and the spontaneous types of travelers. It is important to speak on traveling tips separately for each type of traveler because the suggestions could vary.


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 The first type of traveler is the highly organized and planning every detail type of person. These are the people who book their trips many months or even years in advance. The best tip for these type of travelers, since they plan so far ahead, is to figure out when they would like to take a trip. Once they establish the dates that work with their schedule, they then need to decide what spot is the hottest tourist destination at that time of year. Since these types of people are preparing ahead of time, they are going to be able to find the appropriate mode of transportation to their destination. A great recommendation for these travelers is to look at both the price and the duration of the transportation. Considering that they have the extra time to look for the best prices, then there is no reason to prioritize the length of time it would take to arrive to their desired location. As soon as the transportation is covered, then the traveler can plan on where they are going to stay. The two things to consider while looking for lodging are the price and the location. The best tip that organized travelers could receive is to look for the cheapest stay while still staying near the desired location. Once the traveler has their transportation and their lodging reserved, then they can start to shift their attention to planning which activities they are going to participate in while on vacation. These activities can include amusement parks, beaches or even downhill skiing. One tip for these travelers is to look for good deals on the popular activities in the area that they are traveling to. For example, if one is going to Orlando for the amusement parks then the well planned traveler can have time to shop for the park’s package deals promoted throughout the year. An important thing to keep in mind is the expiration dates when buying tickets for activities too far in advance. The final step in preparing is to gather all the necessities for a memorable trip. Packing will most likely be the easiest step in the process for well-organized travelers. It is helpful to make a list for each category, such as personal care items or items needed for the planned activities.This type of traveler will be more apt not to forget any important items needed for their trip. Ultimately, well-organized travelers will have a more structured and unsurprising vacation.

The second type of traveler to mention is the spontaneous traveler. Their trips are usually going to require minimal planning. The best tip for this type of traveler is to go where their heart desires while keeping a reasonable budget and time frame. Spontaneous people will typically decide to go on a trip within a month or less of it occurring. Because of the short time frame of planning, they normally will pay more for transportation due to the circumstance that they have less time to travel to their destination. Since they are going to have to pay higher fees anyways, it is recommended that they find the quickest mode of transportation. As far as the destination, the spontaneous traveler is advised to search for the spot that still has attractions available at that time. Without adequate amount of research, one could make the mistake of choosing a destination during a stormy season, for instance. The availability for lodging could be limited due to the short notice of planning the trip. These travelers need to be aware that they might not be able to receive their preferred comfort level in the case that the more quality lodging sites are already booked. Next, the activities most likely will not be planned. Instead it is advised for these type of travelers to receive an activities and restaurant booklet from their place of stay. The travelers could also find a nearby tourist center for information of what to do in the area. These activities could include witnessing the nightlife or even going on a hike in the local mountains. Lastly, the packing process could be hectic because it would be difficult to know exactly everything needed for such an unplanned trip. Therefore, it could be beneficial to pack an array of items and to have extra money to buy potentially forgotten necessities. Although the spontaneous travelers may not have a structured schedule, their trip can still be filled with wonderful adventures.

There are many factors that go into the planning process of travel: the decision of the destination, the booking of transportation and lodging, the activities that will be taking place, and even the packing for the trip. Even though these steps of traveling give the outline of the trip, they ultimately will not dictate the outcome of the expedition. After all, it only matters that there have been memories made and adventures that have taken place. Whether one decides to organize the whole trip beforehand or one decides to be impulsive and plan as least as possible, each way can lead to an eventful vacation.

By Ashton H.

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