Types of Brazilian Visas

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Sep 14 2016

As with any nation, there are several types of visas issued by the Brazilian government to its visitors. Each comes with a certain number of permissions and forbearances, so before you apply for anything, be sure you know what you’re going for. There are ten different types of visas so think carefully.

Brazilian tourist visas are pretty straightforward. They’re for tourists (naturally) or anyone that’s visiting friends or family. You can also use one to compete or train in a sport – Rio 2016 – so long as you’re not getting paid for your time. The same is true if you’re going to participate in a scientific or academic seminar or conference that’s sponsored by a school or other research institution. However, you’ll need to send along the invitation letter from the Brazilian organization.


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Academics/student Brazilian visa. You’re going to learn something. More broadly it’s for scientific, technological or volunteer work that is part of an international cooperation program. So if you’re going to school, volunteering, getting medical treatment, and being trained in something technical, this is your visa.


For business, but in the broad sense of the word. If you are doing media work, filming, or going on a business trip (but not doing any kind of servicing), or you’re adopting a Brazilian child, or you’re going to a trade or industrial exhibition this is your visa.


For visiting athletes. Also if you’re going to do any kind of artistic performance, this is your visa.


The graduate’s Brazilian visa. If you’re doing any kind of academic work in Brazil for your graduate or post-graduate work, this is your visa.


The technical assistant’s Brazilian visa. If you’re there to service a company, or the government, working under a contract, working on any oil or gas projects, or fishing vessels. If you’re a cruise ship member, on a medical residence, or you’re a trainee or intern for a foreign corporation going to Brazil, this is your visa.


For journalists


Religious visa, for missionaries


The permanent resident visa. For anyone seeking to move to brazil permanently.


Diplomatic and Official Visas. The name says it all.