Vietnam Visa Requirements for US Citizens

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Jan 31 2018

Vietnam is popular among American tourists for its low cost of living, amazing beaches, and – for some – the most desirable gateway to Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, US citizens still have to go through a network of channels to legally enter Vietnam, which usually means visa applications, and visiting a consulate. Single-entry e-visas are available online and visas on arrival can even be issued in certain cases, but understanding the Vietnam visa requirements for US citizens is a good first step to beginning your journey.


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Getting a visa to Vietnam quickly

When it comes down to it, no one can solve your visa problems getting to Vietnam more efficiently than Travel Visa Pro. Our teams of experts based in nine different offices across the US are trained to expedite visa and passport applications for travel to any country on Earth, which includes navigating the Vietnam visa requirements. If you’re ever in doubt about filling out your application or need to ensure your visa will make it into your passport with time to spare, come to Travel Visa Pro.


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Different ways to get a visa to Vietnam

Applying through Travel Visa Pro

Travel Visa Pro can apply for a visa to The Socialist Republic of Vietnam through the mail or in person nationwide without an appointment. Just send or bring in the completed visa application form (we can also help you with this), your US passport valid for at least six months, a passport photo, and a money order or cashier’s check for paying the fee (see below for details). If you’d like your visa and passport to be mailed back to you, be sure to bring a prepaid addressed envelope as well. Applying in person usually takes 2-3 business days, with expedited processing available for 24 hours. These single-entry tourist visas (DL) are valid for up to three months

Applying online

If you plan on a shorter stay in Vietnam, you might consider an e-visa. These visas are valid for one month in Vietnam for tourists. Travel Visa Pro can assist you applying online.

Visas on arrival

Some travel agencies are authorized to write letters giving immigration the approval for a visa on arrival. However, because this is not the most common way US citizens enter the country, the rules and regulations on arrival are somewhat dependent on the location of the border crossing and political landscape, with no standard fees and the risk of being cheated (especially when using land border crossings – visas on arrival are best used in airports).

Vietnam Visa Requirements for US Citizens

how much is a visa to vietnam

There are no restrictions for US citizens visiting Vietnam provided they have a passport valid for at least six months with enough space for a visa. Though visas on arrival are allowed with the proper authorization letters, visitors who haven’t made arrangements through an official tourist agency or business may be denied entry. Travel Visa Pro can go over the Vietnam visa requirements with you to determine the best option for travel.

A variety of visas to Vietnam are available to US citizens from single entry to multiple entry, one month to one year. E-visas are a particular attractive option for Americans visiting Vietnam for tourism simply because the fees are so low when compared with those of applications in person: $25 to apply online. Similarly, visas on arrival (not including any fees paid to a tourist agency) are $25 for one month. When applying at an embassy or consulate, a one-month, single-entry visa costs $80, with the option to pay an extra $30 for expedited processing.

Do I have to hand over my passport for a Vietnam visa application?

Tourists traveling to Laos by land after their stay in Vietnam should ask for an adhesive visa to be applied to their passport rather than a detachable one, as this is required by immigration in Laos. However, if you do not plan on traveling to Laos during your stay in Southeast Asia you can apply for a Vietnam visa using a copy of the information page of your passport to obtain a loose-leaf visa – just be careful not to lose it!

If you do lose your visa or – heaven forbid – your passport abroad, don’t panic. Even in Vietnam there are two US embassies and consulates ready to issue an emergency limited validity passport to let you finish your travels.

What are some of the questions you have about getting a visa to Vietnam? Contact Travel Visa Pro today or leave a question in the comments!