Where Can I Get a Passport?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Apr 9 2018

Passports are essential for international travel. It’s necessary to have it in your hands before you can even board your flight. Many people are aware of passports and what they do. Not everyone has a clear idea of exactly where can I get a passport. Passports require you to apply for them, which can be done in a number of ways.


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Direct to the Passport Office

There are many regional passport offices that are located around the US. These can be used whether you’re located close by to them or not. Those that are near to the offices can actually walk in to submit their passport application. Usually walk-in customers get a higher priority in the processing of their passport application. You can also opt to mail in your passport information. Simply find the nearest passport office and mail in all of the required materials at once. Using a passport office directly would seem like the easiest way to get your passport but there is a much more preferred way.

Getting a Passport with Travel Visa Pro

Travel Visa Pro is one of the top passport agencies, offering travel services from passports, visas, document authentication, and more. This is definitely the most convenient way to get your passport.

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Travel Visa Pro has several regional offices around the US. These offices are fully staffed and can provide numerous services right at their respective locations. You can also find many other special drop-off and pick-up locations around the country. These offices help bring the services of the main offices to other areas that had less access to them. You’d simply submit your entire visa application and other materials to these offices and we will manage the logistics of delivering them to be processed. We’ll help you save time and money.

A major benefit to using Travel Visa Pro to get a passport is the simplicity. You don’t have to worry about sending in your materials, sometimes across the country, to be processed. Many travelers can find a local Travel Visa Pro office to visit. We are also very knowledgeable on the passport process. We understand that some people may be planning for a last minute trip and need expedited passport service. Many passport applications get delayed or even rejected due to being incomplete or not providing the appropriate information. We provide a FREE quote that will help double-check your materials before you even submit them. We’ll take care of any additional shipping charges to get them to the correct destination.

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Getting a passport is the main thing to accomplish while planning for a trip. There are also other services that you may need such as getting a visa or insurance. Travel Visa Pro is a one stop shop for all of your travel needs. You can now have us manage all of your services. Other times, you would have to wait to receive your passport before sending it off to yet another office for getting a visa, for example.

What Do I Need to Get a Passport?

Now that you have a few options of where you can get your passport, you still have to know what to include with your passport application. This can vary slightly depending on if you are getting a new passport or renewing your old one.

When applying for a new passport, you’ll have to submit your passport application, two photos for the ID, your license, and proof of residence. If you are applying for a new passport, you’ll need to include these same materials as well as sending in your previous passport.

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Getting all of these items prepared before your submission will save a lot of time. Your photos, for example, can be done at one of the larger regional Travel Visa Pro office. You can also take advantage of our FREE quote to make sure that you filled out the application form completely.

Why Do You Have to Renew Your Passport?

You can renew your passport in the same places that you get a new passport. Passports have very strict requirements of their condition to determine if you’ll need to get another passport or not. Some of the common specifications include having more than two months left for your passport before it expires, having enough blank pages for visa stamps, and the overall presentation of the passport book. If your passport doesn’t pass each of these details, you’ll need a new passport

You can get you passport from anywhere in the US. You can find one of the regional passport offices to visit or mail in your visa application. Or you can use Travel Visa Pro for your passport service and more.

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